5 Bakeries To Get Mooncakes From This Mid-Autumn Festival In Singapore

Some of these are just too pretty to eat.
29 August 2023

In case you’re unaware, this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 29th September 2023. And while we still have a couple of weeks till the festivities begin, it’s always a good idea to stock up on ‘em mooncakes in advance. For those who need recommendations on where to buy these tasty pastries, we’ve rounded up 5 mooncake places for your consideration.

1. Bread Garden

bread garden mao shan wang mooncakes
Image credit: @breadgardensingapore

Bread Garden is a Halal-certified bakery that boasts handmade mooncakes. You can find flavours including their signature mao shan wang snowskin ($56/2 pieces), black sesame snowskin ($15/piece), and even yuzu mango snowskin ($17/piece). 

Those who prefer a mixed palette can go for their sets too - they come in sets of 4 and each are differently flavoured.

Bread Garden Singapore

2. Swatow Seafood Restaurant

swatow seafood restaurant
Image credit: Swatow Seafood Restaurant

We’re used to seeing the typical custard-coloured mooncakes - but if you’re looking for something out of this world, try Swatow Seafood Restaurant’s new Galaxy’s Eights Delights set ($86.40/8 pieces). These mooncakes feature a colourful flaky skin, reminiscent of the auroras in the sky. Flavour-wise, you’ll get a mix of red and black beans, lotus, and yam.

Swatow Seafood Restaurant

3. Baker’s Brew

baker's brew mooncakes
Image credit: Baker’s Brew

Most of us might know Baker’s Brew for its intricate handcrafted cakes, and its mooncakes are no exception. The bakery has finally released its Rosé Chloe Collection ($98/4 pieces) this year. This launch includes 4 flavours: traditional single yolk, charcoal black sesame, gula melaka with desiccated coconut, and yam with single yolk.

The star of the show would be the box these mooncakes come with - a French-inspired tweed box that’s très chic and perfect for gifting.

Baker's Brew

4. Gin Thye

gin thye mooncakes
Image credit: Gin Thye

We flock to Gin Thye for its traditional handmade pastries, and this includes its classic Teowchew mooncakes (from $11.50/piece). Expect creamy white lotus paste with a generous serving of egg yolk and a flaky skin that’ll add a pleasant texture to each bite.

They’ve also released new flavours including the snowskin yuzu and pistachio mooncake for those who choose to go the unconventional route.

Gin Thye

5. Janice Wong

janice wong mooncakes
Image credit: Janice Wong

The mooncake collection by Janice Wong quite easily bags the “Most Gorgeous Pastry Award” with its hand-dripped paint design on the skin. For chocolate lovers, go for the Chocolate Mooncakes set ($78.75/8 pieces). The set features flavours like salted pecan dark chocolate, peanut butter Snickers, and coffee chocolate - all packed into a reusable lantern.

Janice Wong

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