ASICS Reimagines A Classic Silhouette With The GT-2160™ Sneaker

ASICS pays homage to the popular GT-2000™ series with the new GT-2160™ sneaker that sports a sleek silhouette, wavy lines, and advanced cushioning.
27 September 2023

In the early 2010s, ASICS launched the GT-2000™ series which quickly became one of the most-worn shoes by runners and athletes. It sported superior stability and support, a well-designed midsole, and a sleek, wavy aesthetic. The series was so popular that it only seemed right for ASICS to pay homage to it with the new GT-2160™ sneaker.

But they couldn’t just resurrect it from the archives without making some modern upgrades to the sneaker. Here’s a look at the new GT-2160™.

The outside of the GT-2160

ASICS GT-2160™

A sneaker’s aesthetics is one of its most important aspects as many people consider them to be a fashion statement first, and the GT-2160™ sneaker is not an exception. The exterior of the shoe pays homage to the original technical design of the GT-2000™ series with its sleek silhouette and wavy lines.

With three colourways - White/Pure Silver, White/Illusion Blue, and White/Shamrock Green - you’ll be able to pair the sneakers with all your outfits. The colour accents are subtle so as to not overthrow the white tones, but still give the GT-2160™ a much-needed pop of colour for everyone to express their own style and taste.

The inside of the GT-2160™

Of course, no matter how lit a pair of shoes looks on your feet, they still have to be comfortable to be wearable long-term. ASICS prides itself on making long-lasting and snug sneakers like the GT-2160™ that will make getting from point A to B a breeze on your soles, whether you’re running or walking. Part of this is thanks to the dual GEL™ technology inserts in the rearfoot that provide advanced cushioning and comfort to your underfoot.

ASICS GT-2160™

The design of the GT-2160™ also has a segmented midsole construction that was adapted from a similar feature on ASICS running shoe models that were released from the mid-2000s to the late 2010s.

The comeback of vintage tech design in the GT-2160™

ASICS GT-2160™

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s exactly what ASICS did with the GT-2160™ and its recent reissue. The archival sneaker grail had all the right things, from its wavy exterior to its cushioned interior; all that was left to do was give it a couple of modern tweaks to bring a shoe from the 2010s into 2023 and beyond.

For its re-release, the GT-2160™ will also have editions designed in collaboration with Gallery Department and Above The Cloud to get all the sneakerheads salivating.

You can buy the GT-2160™ now at

This post was brought to you by ASICS.

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