Best Podcasts To Listen To While Spring Cleaning

Listen up and listen closely.
13 January 2023

It’s that dreaded time of year again – spring cleaning. Out with the old and in with the new, nothing but the very best for the Lunar New Year. Most of us hate to tidy up our rooms, closets, and lives because it is downright boring. Instead of wasting hours dusting and sorting, push play on some podcasts that are informative, funny and enlightening to keep you going. 

Here are some of our go-to podcasts that passed the VibeCheck:

The Daily Ketchup

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This homegrown podcast brought to us by MOSG covers everything and anything pop culture-related and issues causing a stir on our little red dot of an island. The hosts Jonathan Chua, Denise Oh, Daniel Lim and Jonathan Paul are uncompromisingly weird and wacky, discussing topics from relationships and ghosts to the Itaewon tragedy and more. 

Drunk Women Solving Crime

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This one goes out to the true crime documentary lovers. The three hosts invite guests every week to test their collective detective skills and solve world issues while intoxicated. The podcast is not meant to be taken seriously in the slightest bit as the comedians deliver joke after joke but every once in a while they spew out solutions that are pure gold. 

Sex & Singapore City

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There is no doubt that sex is still a taboo topic in Singapore but host Nixalina Watson is not having any of it. Her podcast dives deep into the good, the bad and ugly when it comes to dating and sex with loads of relatable anecdotes that might make you cry and laugh, at the same time. 

Men, Explain

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Men tend to think that women are complicated but in actuality, they are just as complex. This women-led podcast hosted by radio DJ Sonia Chew aims to uncover what goes on in the minds of men by asking tons of burning questions. Guests have nowhere to hide as they take a stance on issues revolving around standards of beauty, societal expectations and intimacy. 

How Did This Get Made

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Movie buffs will definitely enjoy this one. Every week, three hosts will come together to pick apart terrible films that have the world scratching their heads and wondering how it was even green lit in the first place. Of course, spoiler warning but then again these movies are so bad you will enjoy the roasting more than the actual thing. 

Singapore Noodles

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Let’s be honest, there is nothing Singaporeans love more than food. We love to eat, we love to watch cooking shows, we love to listen and talk about it. Local chef Pamelia Chua goes in-depth on all things food-related from regional dishes, gardening, cultural appropriation and much more with guests from the likes of Makansutra founder KF Seetoh and other chefs in Singapore.

Unlocking Us

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It’s okay to seek help but if you already know what you would like to work on this year then this podcast might come in handy. American researcher Brené Brown specialises in psychological and emotional traits such as courage, empathy and vulnerability. This earnest podcast serves as an avenue to unpack human nature through stories, films, books, music and more – it will make you view life in a whole new perspective.

Expedition: Earth

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This may seem out of left field but learning about the ecosystem that we live in is the first step towards going green. National Geographic has pulled together experts from the region including Singapore’s own Andie Ang, president of the Jane Goodall Institute Singapore, to deep dive into how man and nature can exist in harmony. The podcast will take you on a journey from land, sea and beyond in different parts of Southeast Asia. 

Sip & Tell

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Last but certainly not least, our very own Sip & Tell podcast is a safe space for our hosts and guests to tell personal stories from real life events that is not only nice to reminisce about but to serve as a learning opportunity for everyone else. No matter how sad, joyful or life-changing, the podcast is all about truth and vulnerability. 

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