Cha Eunwoo Takes On A Sweet Role As Ricola's Newest Brand Ambassador

The lead in the K-drama A Good Day to Be a Dog and face of K-pop boyband ASTRO is now a Ricola Brand Ambassador too.
23 December 2023

It’s a good day to be a fan of Cha Eunwoo and Ricola candies, as the actor was recently named the new Ricola Asia Brand Ambassador. This collaboration blends Eunwoo’s radiant charm with the Swiss brand’s sweet legacy into a harmonious blend of style, wellness, and talent.

For the uninitiated, Chan Eunwoo is not just another pretty face. The lead in the K-drama A Good Day to Be a Dog is also the face of K-pop boyband ASTRO. Now, he’s also the newest face of Ricola, a brand celebrated for its refreshing range of throat lozenges and herbal sweets.

This partnership is a testament to the brand's commitment to health and well-being as Ricola's sweets have been soothing throats and lifting spirits for generations, and they have found perfect harmony with the soothing qualities of Eunwoo's musical and acting talents.

You can expect to see Eunwoo in a lot more campaigns and promotions endorsing Ricola’s products, including this commercial where he’s promoting the benefits of Ricola candies.

Fans of Eunwoo can see more of him on screen by watching the Viu Original A Good Day to Be a Dog here.

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