GOT7’s BamBam announces his first solo world tour in KL, BKK, and more

BamBam, member of GOT7, has just announced his first solo world tour, and it includes several stops in Asia — including Bangkok.
13 July 2023

Following the numerous alien posts on his social media feed, fans have finally put together the full picture: BamBam’s world tour is aptly named ‘Area 52.’ He’s been teasing pictures of aliens on his Instagram and his Twitter for days now, and fans were getting pretty confused. Today, the announcement came through. Bambam will be going on his first world tour, and has posted a picture teaser of the tour name and also the dates and locations for the tour.

About BamBam’s first solo world tour

bam bam world tour
Image Credit: BamBam / Twitter

BamBam is a rapper of K-pop band GOT7, which consists of members Jinyoung, Jackson Wang, Mark Tuan, Jay B, Kim Yugyeon, BamBam, and Choi Young-jae. BamBam was born in Thailand and joined the band back in 2014. Currently, GOT7 is not active and members are pursuing individual activities.

The set list for BamBam’s Area 52 concert has not yet been announced, but he will be making his appearance in Seoul, Manila, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok as well as other teased locations.

bam bam world tour
Image Credit: @BamBam1a / Twitter

All eyes (and ears) are on BamBam for more details. In the meantime, get yourself acquainted with his peppy discography by listening to his music on Spotify.

(Hero and featured image credit: @bambam1a/Instagram)

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