Halloween Horror Nights 2023 Singapore: The Weeknd & Netflix’s All Of Us Are Dead Haunted Houses

Brace yourselves, it’s officially spooky szn.
2 October 2023

Brace yourselves, it’s officially spooky szn. The iconic Halloween Horror Nights 2023 is back from 29th September to 4th November 2023, and boy are we in for a treat. This year’s event features 5 haunted houses and 3 scare zones - enough to give you nightmares for weeks.

Haunted houses

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Starting with the haunted houses. The Weeknd: After Hours Till Dawn Nightmare haunted house pays tribute to the pop star in the form of a terrifying nightclub. Scenes from “In Your Eyes”, “Too Late”, and “Blinding Lights” are brought to life here, alongside a slew of jumpscares. Expect to be screaming in fear and not delight with this one.

halloween horror nights 2023 singapore
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The next haunted house spotlights Netflix’s hit movie All of Us Are Dead. This zombie-inspired haunted house includes familiar scenes from the show such as the science teacher’s lab, school library, and even the notable rooftop. And of course, key characters such as Yoon Gwi-nam and Hong Dae Won are portrayed by staff who look scarily alike to the real actors.

halloween horror nights 2023 singapore
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If you thought your office was hell, think again. The DIYU: Descent Into Hell haunted house brings you to the various levels of hell, where you’ll be greeted with all things gore and carnage. King Yama, the ruler of hell, will also judge your soul and determine if you’re worthy to escape the depths of hell.

halloween horror nights 2023 singapore
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The Rebirth of the Matriarch haunted house pays homage to the OG Vengeance of The Matriarch house, Universal Studio Singapore’s first ever haunted house. This year, the Matriarch’s family is on a mission to bring back their beloved family member from the dead. How, you may ask? Through dark magic and sacrificing souls of innocent guests, duh.

halloween horror nights 2023 singapore

The Grimm Encounters haunted house presents your childhood fairy tales with a dark twist. Don’t let the enchanting background music fool you - this place is not about the rainbows and butterflies. The sinister Pied Piper will take you through his haunted forest, where you’ll come face to face with your darkest fears.

Scare zones

halloween horror nights 2023 singapore
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Aside from the haunted houses, this year’s event also has 3 scare zones for guests to experience. For one, there’s the black market-themed Dead Man’s Wharf where you’ll be welcomed by mutilated sailors and tortured victims. Or, mosey on over to The Cursed Kiramam, where doomed villagers perform twisted rituals in an attempt to fulfil the needs of the demon god.

halloween horror nights 2023 singapore
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Adding a futuristic touch to this year’s event is The Hacker scare zone, where the antagonistic hacker forcefully steals the identities of humans with her army of cyberbots. If you’ve ever wondered what the world would be like with robots in charge, this is the place to go.

Ticket details

Tickets for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 2023 go at $79/pax for non-peak nights (till 12.30am) and $89/pax for peak nights (till 1.30am). This is inclusive of a $5 dining voucher and $5 shopping credit, as well as the LED wristband. 

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