How to take the Taiwan Design Expo personality test that’s trending on IG Stories

Another day, another social media trend. While everyone’s still busy generating AI ’90s yearbook pictures of themselves, justifying extravagant purchases with TikTok’s “girl math” logic, and sniggering at Victoria Beckham’s “working class family” comments in Netflix’s Beckham documentary, a new viral quiz has popped up on Instagram Stories. If you’ve always wanted to know your personality type beyond the conventional MBTI variants, it’s time to try the innate personality traits test by Taiwan Design Expo.
7 November 2023

The test was launched just recently, to coincide with the design exhibition that runs from October 6 to 22 in New Taipei City. Its premise is simple: Answer 12 questions and you’ll get an elaborate personality report at the end.

The questions follow a “choose your own adventure”, story-like format where you’re presented with a situation and asked to decide between two options. The results generated also lean towards the whimsical, with 16 personality types such as “superpower”, “steel”, “ghost”, “water” and “fairy”.

How to take the innate personality traits test by Taiwan Design Expo

1. Head over to the Taiwan Design Expo website here and hit the Start button. You’ll then be prompted to “explore your innate personality”.

2. The innate personality traits test kicks off with a scenario where you’re on a train. You can decide to “embrace the excitement of the unknown” and not think about where it’s taking you, or to look at the map to find out where it’s headed. Pretty cool, though we wouldn’t recommend the first option if you’re already lost while taking Singapore’s LRT line. Each of the 12 question slides features animated graphics, which is a nifty touch. There’s even a page with a cat.

3. Make your way through all the questions. This particular one caught our attention — yes, we would very much like to transform into Taylor Swift and spend her millions, please.taiwan design expo innate personality traits test

4. At the end, you’ll get a report detailing your personality type, innate personality, character traits, and a list of other personality types that you’re most and least compatible with. Here are two examples you can expect to see. Excuse us while we add “the word ‘slack’ is not in my dictionary” to our LinkedIn profile.

Want to try it for yourself? Click here to take the Taiwan Design Expo’s innate personality traits test, and don’t forget to share (and humblebrag) about your results on Instagram Stories.

(All images: Taiwan Design Expo)

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