Michelle Yeoh is Balenciaga’s newest brand ambassador

In a striking move that has the fashion world abuzz, Balenciaga, the luxury fashion titan, has announced a fresh face to join its illustrious line of brand ambassadors. The enigmatic Michelle Yeoh, a powerhouse in the realms of acting, producing, and martial arts, has now been formally anointed as the newest torchbearer for the brand.
14 November 2023

Already a familiar face within the Balenciaga family, Michelle Yeoh is set to enhance her relationship with the brand and take it to an official level, spreading the brand’s magic across various platforms.

Complementing this significant announcement, the spotlight shone on a mesmerising portrait of Yeoh, a masterpiece created by the celebrated documentary photographer, Platon.


Known for his remarkable talent in encapsulating the spirits of the world’s most influential and stylish personalities, Platon has painted a picture of Yeoh that beautifully captures her essence. His illustrious portfolio also includes snapshots of prior Balenciaga ambassadors, Isabelle Huppert and PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn, the latter of whom has starred in famed BL drama series I Told Sunset About You.

Michelle Yeoh as brand ambassador for Balenciaga

Michelle Yeoh, Balenciaga, brand ambassador
Image credit: Instagram/ @michelleyeoh_official

Reacting to the news of her appointment, Yeoh brimmed with enthusiasm and shared her deep-rooted philosophy of fashion. To the Malaysian actress, fashion goes beyond the realm of clothing; it transcends into an art form, a canvas for individuals to express their identity and values. It’s not just about adorning a dress, it’s about the emotions it stirs and the values it stands for.

“The brand embodies a sense of originality and relevance while always remaining true to its heritage as a couture atelier. It is an honor to partner with Balenciaga.”

Yeoh went on to express her admiration for Balenciaga and highlighted the brand’s steadfast commitment to its couture roots while simultaneously setting the pace in the ever-changing fashion landscape. Concluding her reaction, Yeoh shared her heartfelt honour in partnering with Balenciaga, a brand she holds in high regard and deeply cherishes.

The Malaysian actress and Balenciaga’s relationship prior to this

Before her official coronation as Balenciaga’s brand ambassador, Michelle Yeoh had already been fashionably aligning herself with the luxury brand.

In the grand theatre of global glamour that was the Cannes Film Festival 2023, she pledged her sartorial loyalty to Balenciaga Couture, exclusively choosing their designs for her red-carpet turns.

This alliance was further fortified at the Kering Women in Motion dinner, where she, adorned in Balenciaga, gracefully accepted an award that recognised her indelible impact on cinema and her inspiring influence on future talent.

As she embarks on this new chapter with Balenciaga, we eagerly await the fashion magic that this powerhouse partnership is sure to conjure.

(Hero and feature images credit: Balenciaga) 

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