Park Seo Joon’s workout routine: Secrets behind the K-drama star’s sculpted body

Park Seo-joon aka the king of rom-com K-dramas has enamoured us with his good looks and stellar acting skills. Ever since his 2011 debut with Perfect Game, the Hallyu heartthrob has meteorically risen to the pinnacles of success with projects like Itaewon Class, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Gyeongseong Creatures as well as the MCU blockbuster, The Marvels. Working endless shifts, clocking rigorous filming schedules and having back-to-back shoots with numerous brands – it’s not easy being a celebrity. But amid all the chaos and madness, there’s one thing Park Seo Joon religiously takes out time for: his workouts. The actor’s perfectly sculpted body and the classic Korean glazed face are a result of intense gym sessions and a healthy diet. Besides his unflinching dedication towards acting, Joon is obsessed with fitness and his Instagram handle is proof. Let’s take you through Park Seo Joon’s workout routine and fitness secrets.
18 January 2024
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Being an actor of that stature, keeping your fitness in check becomes a top priority. Did you know he trained eight hours a day for the movie The Divine Fury until the film officially wrapped up? But even when he’s not training for a film, the actor could spend hours in the gym. From cardio and bodyweight training to having a protein-rich diet for maintaining muscle mass – Park Seo Joon’s fitness routine and diet plan can be easily emulated by you. Keep reading to know more.

Park Seo Joon swears by this workout routine to stay fit

Morning cardio

If you’re a fan of Park Seo Joon, you’ll remember his appearance in the South Korean reality show, Youn’s Kitchen. On the show, the actor shared his morning cardio routine which consisted of shoreline running. And honestly, there’s nothing better than a good outdoor cardio session in the morning to get the day started. Running and jogging are great for your cardiorespiratory health and boost your mood. From walking and power-walking to jogging, and running – there are several ways to improve your heart’s health and shed those extra kilos. However, multiple studies have shown that if you want to boost your weight loss, you’ll have better results if you pick up your pace. Jogging strengthens your immune system, improves cognitive functions, boosts mental health, increases flexibility and much more. You’ll want to start lacing up your trainers like Park Seo-joon.

Strength training

Park Seo Joon treated us to another workout video via a vlog on his YouTube channel ‘Record Park’s’. Joon was in Bali for work, when he and his production staff decided to hit the resort’s gym together. You can see Joon effortlessly doing a mix of squats, pull-ups, and lifting weights. Cleary, strength training is a major part of the actor’s workout and should be a fundamental part of yours too. It helps you burn calories more efficiently, reduces body fat and increases lean muscle mass all at once. By definition, strength training includes any movement which uses your body weight or equipment (like dumbbells, and resistance bands) to build muscle mass, strength and endurance.

There are many types of strength training workouts to choose from, including bodyweight exercises, lifting weights, circuit training and more. If you have a chronic condition, are 40 years or above and haven’t been active for some time, it’s better to check with a doctor before starting a strength training program. Also, strength training exercises should be a follow-up to a warm-up session (brisk walk, any aerobic activity) of five to ten minutes. Warming up your muscles makes you less susceptible to injuries.

Jumping rope

Park Seo Joon’s rope-jumping skills are immaculate, as seen in one of the episodes of Three Meals a Day. Jumping rope is one of the best, cheapest and most effective ways to get cardio in and build muscle strength. All you need is a pair of training shoes and a jump rope to get started. By activating multiple muscle groups, jump rope offers a full-body workout. It engages your thighs, hips, abdominals, arms, shoulders, hands and wrists – becoming an effective total body movement. Many people are ditching their gym routine for this fun exercise. Will you?

Park Seo Joon’s diet secrets

A perfect body like that isn’t only a result of intense workouts, but a healthy diet. We’ve listed down some key details of his diet plan, which might aid you in preparing your next healthy meal.

Protein-rich foods: According to Health Yogi, Joon has time and again talked about his preference for beef as a major source of protein. Like all types of meat, beef is an excellent source of high-quality protein. When consumed in moderation, it can improve muscle growth and maintenance. Beef contains varying amounts of fat, including CLA, which is associated with boosting health.

Light dinner: Joon isn’t a fan of a heavy dinner and doesn’t consider it a proper meal. Eating a light and early dinner helps improve digestion, and sleep, reduces blood pressure and boosts metabolism. Dinner should ideally be light, comprising vegetables, lentils or soups rather than thick curries, spice-heavy, deep-fried or excessive sugary food. You should also go for a stroll after your dinner to speed up the digestive process.

Will you inculcate Park Seo Joon’s fitness regime and dietary habits in your routine?

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