How The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 & Z Fold5 Is Redefining The Concert Experience

From selfies of your concert fit to capturing clips of your favourite songs, here's why the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 & Z Fold5 is redefining the concert experience.
22 September 2023

Concert culture is a vibrant and dynamic tapestry that weaves together music, community, and emotions. It's a shared experience where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate the power of live music. The atmosphere is electric, charged with anticipation and excitement, as fans gather to witness their favourite artists perform in the flesh.

As fleeting as those few hours are, we’re lucky to live in an era where the evening can be relived again and again thanks to our smartphones. Our fellow fans who might’ve been unable to grab tickets to highly sought-after concerts like Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour would be able to live vicariously through the clips and videos that will be streamed live or posted moments after on social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

But concert photography is easier said than done. You’ll be tempted to sing along and dance to the music rather than hold the phone steady, and the spotlights from the stage can be blinding. Plus, let’s not forget that not everyone is able to snag a front-row ticket, and the subject of the photos - our favourite singers - will be super small if taking a photo from the nosebleed seats. This is where the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 & Z Flip5 come into play.

The new gadgets from Samsung might be renowned for their flip-style aesthetic, but this also makes it a great device to capture all the best moments in a concert without breaking any stadium rules. 

Capturing steady concert footage even in nosebleed seats

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Let’s be honest - one of the most annoying things about watching concert footage is how shaky some clips can be. With the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, that will be a problem of the past. You can easily fold the phone into an L-shape and place it on a flat surface to record the entire concert while you dance the night away.

The Galaxy Z Flip5’s camera is also able to take great photos and videos in the dark by way of the night mode feature. This is super important for night-time concerts where the stadium or concert hall is shrouded in darkness. Coupled with the makeshift “tripod” design, you won’t ever get blurry nighttime photos anymore.

Take hands-free selfies with your squad thanks to Flex Mode

When it’s time to take fit pics with your friends who are headed to the concert with you, the number one problem is finding the right angle to grab a selfie. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5’s gets rid of this problem thanks to Flex Mode. By putting the flip phone into the aforementioned L-shape, the phone can be placed at a distance to capture group photos without needing the help of a stranger. All you have to do is show your palm to the camera and it’ll act as a shutter.

This lets you take pictures from so many more angles that your hands could otherwise not reach. From selfies with a bird’s eye view to ground-level shots making everyone look taller, Flex Mode

The best concert companion, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 & Z Flip5

With plenty of concerts set to come to Singapore’s shores in the coming months - Charlie Puth, Sam Smith, Coldplay, and of course Taylor Swift - there’s no better phone to capture all the memories you’ll make that night than with the Samsung Galaxy Z5 series.

Prices for the smartphones start from $1,498 for the Galaxy Z Flip5, and $2,398 for the Galaxy Z Fold5. There are also myriad colours available including mint, lavender, graphite, and yellow.

Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 & Z Flip5 here.

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