The Most ✨Aesthetic✨ Home Based Bakers in Singapore

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3 June 2022

Just in time for the Summer break! ☀️

Two AM Bakes

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Take one look at Two AM Bakes’s Instagram feed, and you’ll know why they’re at the top of this list (not that it’s actually ranked or anything). A collection of minimalist, mouth-watering desserts will meet your eyes, all coloured naturally with rich ingredients and flavours such as matcha and houjicha. Not to mention, they’re Singapore’s first home-based baker of tea-terrines… but their menu has since expanded to include other amazing treats like gateaux, bbangs, and more.

Ugli Sabi

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Combine a pinch of luxury with a spoonful of quirkiness and add a generous serving of scrumptious dishes to create none other than Ugli Sabi, a home-based duo specialising in small-batch sweet bakes. Because a picture speaks a thousand words, we urge you to check out their Instagram page and beautifully-designed website for yourself, which features a major feast for both your eyes and belly.

Dough Re Mi Cakes

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Founded by a husband-wife duo in 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Dough Re Mi Cakes creates the cutest Korean-style bento cakes on the market. Clean, minimalistic designs are their signature style, ranging from cartoony portraits of Snoopy and Cinnamoroll, to kitschy vintage-inspired buttercream borders and frills. No confectionery is complete without a hand-piped message, which shows the thought and love put into the making of each cake. 

Hay Bakery


With a menu consisting of cakes, crumbles, brownies and more, Hay Bakery’s forte is quite obviously sweet treats. The flavours they work with are definitely un-boring and unique, such as chunky Ritz cookies, roasted sweet potato crumb cakes, and earl grey tea scones. But if you’re looking to hit them up for an order this weekend, you’re quite out of luck-- they’re all booked out until August for now.

Doughter Bakery

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If you’re a chocolate lover, the one home based bakery that you have to check out is Doughter Bakery. Their menu lineup includes numerous scrumptious chocolate-based flavours, and features the iconic Chocolate Overload set which consists of three mochi muffins and three mochi brownies in different flavours. Yum. 

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