Tony Leung and HoYeon Jung star in NewJeans “Cool With You” MV

Following the release of their Super Shy MV, K-pop sensation NewJeans have just dropped two music videos for Cool With You featuring Squid Game star HoYeon Jung and legendary Hong Kong actor Tony Leung.
24 July 2023

Produced by ADOR’s CEO MIN HEE JIN and directed by Ditto and OMG director Wooseok Shin, the side A and side B music videos follow HoYeon Jung who seems to have the power of cupid, with her glance prompting couples to fall in love. As she wanders the streets, invisible to everyone, she comes across a man who piques her interest.

Poetically, the two are both observing a painting portraying forbidden love between a human and a god. Scenes integrate cameos from the NewJeans members who are able to observe the character played by HoYeon. At the end of the first music video, HoYeon sets herself free and she’s pictured finally experiencing love instead of observing it in the Side B MV. However, the joy is short-lived as one day she runs into an ominous-looking Tony Leung. To her surprise, she’s made invisible again to everyone including her lover. The end of the music video sees her visit a cryptic location where the NewJeans members are seen dancing as she accepts her fate.

NewJeans is set to release their sophomore album, Get Up, on 21 July. Music videos for remaining tracks ASAP and ETA are expected to launch soon. Take a look at the two NewJeans Cool With You music videos starring Tony Leung and HoYeon Jung below.

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