Your first look at Gentle Monster’s debut outlet in Malaysia, with prices

Cooler than cool South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster has officially opened its first flagship in Malaysia at The Exchange in TRX. Here’s everything you can expect from their latest location.
14 December 2023

Whether it be in neighbouring Singapore and Bangkok, or far-flung capitals like Seoul or even London, the fashionably inclined often make a common pilgrimage to stop by the de facto Gentle Monster flagship outlet wherever they are found, for the ‘gram. So much so in fact that visiting their stores has become an experience in itself.

It’s not difficult to imagine why that is, beacause each Gentle Monster outlet encapsulates the South Korean brand’s distinct flavour of hyper-futuristic luxury, blending elements of digital and physical art into an instantly recognisable intersectional space often dominated by steel, concrete, and mirrored metal.

Inside Gentle Monster’s first outlet in Malaysia at The Exchange TRX:

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That very same experience has now finally been transplanted into the very heart of Kuala Lumpur, as Gentle Monster officially makes its debut in the country with its inaugural boutique in The Exchange Mall at TRX. Located on the Ground Floor at G.12A, their facade is easily spotted by the obligatory hyperrealistic, bio-mechanical art installations that can be seen through glass. After all, no other boutique will likely feature animatronic bisons out front.

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Step right in, and those who have been to other regional stops on the Gentle Monster global store map will find themselves in familiar territory. The use of mirrored finishes and metalwork continues to remain a constant motif, contrasted by green carpeting and an almost clinical lighting setup.

But that is of course by design, as Gentle Monster boutiques have traditionally been likened to sleek, austere art galleries in their own right, where glass vitrines house pieces of delicate, avant-garde eyewear, to be admired in a way not unlike the works of Isamu Noguchi, or Jackson Pollock.

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Fans in Malaysia will finally be able to view and try on some of Gentle Monster’s most coveted pieces, including selected designs from their collaborations with D’heygere and Maison Margiela, both of which were released early 2023.

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A new range of in-house designs from their 2024 Optical Collection is also available. Released under the Gentle High School campaign led by actress Nana Komatsu and musician Shinichi Osawa, expect pricing, expect to pay no less than RM1,300 (approx. SGD 371) for a pair of frames, with figures rising upwards of RM1,800 (approx. SGD 514) for select designer collaboration pieces.

About the Korean eyewear brand

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Founded in 2011 by Hankook Kim, the label has gone on to become one of the most promising stories of fashion entrepreneurship in recent memory. At the time, Kim’s sole intention was to address an issue faced by many Asian consumers shopping for new eyewear: most American and European brands simply did not cater to Asian facial features.

Understanding the niche he would be operating in, his company made a point of debuting a plethora of styles that were more suited to the region’s clientele, chiefly with oversized lenses that came with low bridged noses and struck gold.

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Gentle Monster witnessed rapid growth in the span of 12 years, a boon that was bolstered by rising interest in South Korean creatives internationally. Naturally, this included frequent style cameos from the likes of Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé of BLACKPINK, to actresses Kim Go-eun and Kim Da-mi, further cementing their must-have status and reputation as the eyewear industry’s most disruptive young upstart.

Today, Gentle Monster maintains an expansive retail network across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, as well as in the UK and US.

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