10 Unexpected Products That Will Make Your Life Easier In 2023

You are not lazy, you are just a smart and efficient person.
20 January 2023

Let’s face it, life is tough. It may be 2023 and although the pandemic is in our peripheral, the times are slowly returning to normal; full steam ahead. Are we ready to hustle like we used to? 

While some of us can’t wait to get back to regular programming, others need some help to make life just a little easier. Ahead, we scoured the Internet for nifty gadgets, tools and tchotchkes to upgrade our lives in 2023.

Apple Airtag

Photo Credit: Apple

Don’t worry absent-minded friends – this isn’t a dig at you. Everyone tends to misplace items once in a while and we are sick of it. Order a couple of these mini discs and attach it to your bag, wallet, luggage or even that elusive pet? Pairing it with iPhones are as easy as pie and the geolocation tracking is scarily accurate. Tip: order a bundle of four to maximise your savings. 

Tide Pen

Photo Credit:

In 2023, we are looking out for our fashion items and keeping them fresh all day long. To do this, we highly recommend carrying a tide pen wherever you go because it is a true lifesaver. Say goodbye to annoying coffee blotches or ketchup smears in just a couple of seconds. 

Ember Mug

Photo Credit: Amazon

In life, you’re either an iced coffee or tea person or someone who loves them piping hot. Making something cold is easy, we have ice but keeping something hot is a challenge. Ember mugs are embedded with smart technology that will allow you to keep your beverage warm or hot based on the heat setting of your choice.

Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner

Photo Credit: Amazon

Guilty of unsanitary brushes? Experiencing constant breakouts? This gadget is going to change your life because it is fuss-free – both in usage and portability. All you need to do is plug it in, press a button and dip your brushes, no scrubbing necessary.

Medisafe App

Photo Credit: Medisafe

On the pill but aren’t great at remembering to take them around the same time of day? Medisafe is a really simple but highly effective mobile app that will help you track the pill intake and alert you when it's time. Health is wealth and it is time to get serious about it. 

Automatic Cat Litter Box

Photo Credit: CatSmart Singapore

We love our kitties but sometimes, we just get tired of cleaning or tending to them all day and cat litter does not come cheap. This automatic box does the cleaning for you, reducing wastage and eliminates odour for weeks, thanks to the 20-litre waste compartment. 

Sterra Moon Air Purifier

Photo Credit: Sterra Moon

To put it plainly, dust sucks. It can lead to stuffy noses, aggravate eczema and sleep apnea, and cause allergic reactions such as asthma. That’s where an air purifier will come in handy – Sterra Moon uses medical-grade technology and UV light to clean the air of all impurities and bacteria. Trust us, once you've experienced really fresh air, you will never want to live without it again.

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Photo Credit: Sephora

Feeling strung out every morning even though you have slept through the night? The cause for such a phenomenon is extensive and it is very unlikely that you will figure it out. Instead, try a pillow spray that features ingredients that will not only help you fall asleep faster but maintain deep sleep for longer periods of time.

Fidgi Things Pen

Photo Credit: Amazon

It is not easy for those of us with anxiety because everything and anything can trigger a wave of emotions that are hard to handle. Invest in this little tool that comes with seven different design features that aim to relieve stress inconspicuously. Plus, it’s a functional pen as it uses a universal ink refill.

TheraFace Pro

Photo Credit: Therabody

Gym rats will know how useful a massage gun is for recovery but why do we neglect the muscles in our faces? Depending on how expressive we are, our face can end up feeling sore or look older than we really are. This facial tool will help relieve that tension with microcurrent technology while using LED light therapy to combat skin conditions such as acne and wrinkles. 

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