Getting Fit In 2023 Is Not That Out Of Reach With These 7 Steps

Looking good and feeling good.
31 January 2023

Chinese New Year is almost over and as we wrap up our scrumptious hotpot and cookie feasts, it is time for some of us to get serious about our diet and fitness for the year. 

Maintaining a healthy regime is far from easy, especially when we live in a country that has delectable food at every corner. Also, we know how hard everyone works, who has the drive to hit the gym? Well, here are a few ways to keep yourself motivated and accountable to achieve your fitness goals for 2023.

Set SMART Goals

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SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. It is important to remember that any fitness journey cannot be done overnight, especially if they aren’t right for you. This acronym will help you understand them better and it provides the roadmap to accomplishing them. 

Ask yourself: 

Is your goal specific? 
Can it be measured? How will you keep track?
Is your goal challenging enough? 
Why are you getting into shape? 
Is there an end date for you to keep yourself accountable? 

Workout At Your Own Pace

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Don’t run before learning how to walk. Take your time and acclimate your body to the gym and the equipment that you are using. Start with one to two days at the gym a week and then ramp it up as you get stronger. Focus on form rather than doing the most – getting injured will only set you back further. 

Stretch It Out Real Good

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While some love the achy feeling the next day, others truly despise it and it turns us off from returning to the gym. To avoid this, remember to stretch after a workout. And, no we are not talking about a two-minute stretch and calling it a day. Researchers concluded that we should be stretching for at least 25 percent of our workout duration to optimise muscle recovery.

Mix It Up

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Try doing different types of exercises whenever you hit the gym. This will go a long way in breaking up the monotony while challenging yourself to push harder as the body won’t be able to rely on muscle memory to make the exercises easier. 

Carry Healthy Snacks

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We love snacking, it’s our guilty pleasure. But we don't have to torture ourselves. Instead of getting unhealthy, overly processed snacks, grab the healthier options like air fried rice chips, assorted nuts, granola bars and so on. Although these might be more expensive, your gut will thank you. 

No Crash Diets

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While proper eating habits are important, diving straight into a diet will not be helpful. Most of the time, you will be irritable, lack energy and sad because everyone around you will be eating something more delicious than you are. Continue eating whole foods that make you feel good for the long haul and working out. When you are ready to take things up a notch, seek out a dietician and nutritionist to help curate a specific meal plan.

Keep A Journal

Transformation is one of the biggest reasons why we want to get serious about exercising and seeing is believing. Thus, tracking your progress is crucial as it will motivate you to keep going. This journal can be as simple as the note app on your phone or a quick snap in front of the gym mirrors. Better yet, find a gym buddy that could use some help to – after all, misery loves company.

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