7 Viral TikTok Food And Drink Recipes Of 2022 Worth Making At Home

Eat it up.
25 November 2022

TikTok has transcended way beyond just dance and lip sync videos. It is now a resource for almost anything that could possibly interest you, from crocheting, making music and to cooking. 

Since the pandemic, food TikTok has seen countless recipes that have gone viral due to the ridiculous preparations, ingredients or the presentation – some are good while others are plain wrong. 

Below, we tested some of the most viral recipes of 2022 to deliver our honest feedback and to determine which are worth your time and effort and those that should never go near your mouths.

Spicy Vodka Pasta

Video Credit: @tom.smallwood

Lo and behold, this dish was coined by supermodel Gigi Hadid. This cream-based pasta is warm and comforting, which is hard to beat. It is also easy to whip up as you will only need tomato paste, heavy cream, butter and pasta. The only problem is the vodka, which does not do much other than giving a little tart kick. Skip the alcohol if you don’t have it readily at home and use that money to buy some meat or seafood to complete the meal instead.

VibeCheck rating: 4/5 

Butter Boards

Video Credit: @samishnur

This is by far one of the most viral recipes of 2022 and we can see why – it looks so impressive. Literally, it looks like a work of art and it takes a perfectionist to pull it off. The customisation aspect is the best part with sweet boards with peanut butter and jam or savoury options with roasted garlic. But, it is a mess to do it in Singapore’s humid climate. After 30 minutes in the heat, the board looks sad and the butter drips everywhere.

VibeCheck rating: 2/5 

Pesto Eggs

Video Credit: @simplyrasha

This is an easy fix for boring fried eggs. Simply slather a thin layer of pasta on the pan and crack your eggs on top of it. The oil in the pasta will not only fry the eggs to perfection with the crispy bubbly texture around the edges but it also infuses a lot of flavour. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste and voila!

VibeCheck rating: 5/5 

Pasta Chips

Video Credit: @twistiesau

In theory, this sounds like a brilliant snack that combines two beloved food items but it is a waste of good pasta. Firstly, you will either need to deep fry or airfry cooked pasta, which is a hassle. Secondly, the seasoning usually incorporates parmesan cheese as the main ingredient and some spices of your choosing but getting the right amount is just too difficult. The final product is either too bland or overpowering.

VibeCheck rating: 1/5 

Orange Espresso

Video Credit: @jakerallo2508

Coffee purists will hate this one. These two drinks should not work but somehow it does, if you love orange juice and coffee equally. It definitely fits in the neutral category but we tried a spritzy version of it with a little bit of orange juice, tonic water and two shots of espresso, and that was a home run mocktail. 

Video Credit: @jolin_jules

VibeCheck rating: 3/5 

Cloud Bread

Video Credit: @tastegreatfoodie

How do you make bread without flour? Use egg whites instead. This recipe substitutes flour with beaten egg whites to form a meringue with cornstarch as a binding agent and some sugar to give it much needed flavour. The fun part is the use of food colouring to jazz up the bread but the margin for error during the preparation is too high because reaching the fluffy consistency is quite challenging for beginners.

VibeCheck rating: 2.5/5 

Green Goddess Salad

Video Credit: @hey.itsbel

Okay, this is more of a dip than an actual salad. While it looks oddly green, it tastes surprisingly decadent yet light at the same time – the bowl will be empty in no time. Popularised by food blogger Baked by Melissa, this vegan rendition of pesto uses finely diced cabbage, chives, cucumber and green onions as its main ingredients. The dressing is a mix of basil leaves, spinach, olive oil, cashew or walnuts, shallots and garlic with salt, pepper and lemon juice. 

VibeCheck rating: 4/5 

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