8 Easy And Hilarious Halloween Costumes For Less

Let's get freaky deaky.
26 October 2022

Although Halloween is not celebrated with the same grandeur in Singapore as it is in the United States, this pseudo holiday is the only time of the year where we can let loose, dress in ridiculous costumes and party as wildly without any judgement. 

However, finding a costume can be such a turn off that it might deter us from wanting to even participate in the trick-o-treating fun. No fret, we are here to help with a list of budget-friendly costume suggestions that are easy to put together. Check em’ out below.

Badge Lady

Yes, we are totally serious. This local “Karen” who hasn’t been able to catch a break with multiple charges for failing to wear a mask is kind of an icon. All you will need is a blue button up, beige knee-length pants, a red handbag, brown suede loafers and you’re ready to serve (jail time).

Adam Levine’s DMs

Photo Credit: @watchmojo

Damn, that costume of yours is absurd. Honestly, could we ask for an easier costume? Simply print out the singer’s infamous Instagram messages on an A1 foamboard, attach some straps and you’re ready to hit the streets.


Yasss! We are just celebrating the fact that 377A has been repealed. It’s not a protest or a promotion of non-nuclear family values or a dig at bigoted individuals that do not understand that love is love, which everyone is entitled to. 

North West

Photo Credit: @_north__west

Kim and Kanye are passé. Their daughter, North, is the true diva of the family and we love her stone cold attitude that puts her mum in her place. This costume will need an oversized graphic band tee, ultra ripped jeans, black crocs, beaded necklaces and a pair of futuristic shades – all of which can be found on Shopee or TaoBao.

Ghosts With Sunglasses

Photo Credit: @snowchild_9

There’s no need to break the wheel, it is perfectly fine to turn up in a basic look. Get a white table cloth or bedsheet, cut two slits for your arms and a pair of black sunglasses. Also, this costume is best done with a large group of people. Voila, time to scare the children in the dead of night.


We love the women-supporting-women story arch friendship that Hailey Beiber and Selena Gomez have going on. They broke the Internet when they were photographed together earlier this month. So, grab your bestie and throw on your best black cocktail dresses and hit the bars. 

K-Pop Girl Group

Channel Black Pink, Mamamoo, ITZY, or whichever girl group you and your ride-or-dies are currently obsessed with. Here’s a simple hack to get away with such costumes without breaking the bank: colour coordination and edginess. The rest is up to sass and attitude, singing and dancing is a bonus. Now, go and slay.

Sexy Anything

When in doubt, just go with something sexy. What exactly? No one cares. That's the beauty of it – a cat, a calculator, a pumpkin, you name it. If sexy isn’t something you are comfortable with on a regular day, just remember that Halloween is all about playing the role of something that is scary or daunting and making the most fun out of it.

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