Best Restaurants To Book For A Christmas Feast

Ho, ho, ho and merry Christmas!
7 December 2022

Christmas is a time of joy, peace and love. What’s a better way to show love other than food? Splurge and treat yourselves and the loved ones with Christmas feasts at the top restaurants this December. 

That’s right, we are talking about roast meats, juicy turkeys and decadent desserts galore. Check ‘em out below and make a reservation before it’s too late.


Photo Credit: PS.Cafe

This homegrown restaurant never ceases to amaze. The Christmas menu is decked out with appetisers, main courses, desserts and drinks centred around festive ingredients such as the petit turkey cranberry caesar salad, lobster rockefeller and torn prawn linguine and the fan-favourite sticky date pudding with a special twist with rum and brandy-soaked fruits baked into the sponge.

Click here to make a reservation. Christmas specials will be available until 26th December 2022.

Db Bistro & Oyster Bar

Photo Credit: Db Bistro & Bar

Go super traditional with Daniel Boulud’s three-course dinner – pumpkin soup with duck confit, herb-roasted turkey breast and stuff sausage and a choice of pumpkin, apple or pecan pie topped with ice cream to wrap up the hearty meal. No fret, the $98 per pax menu also comes with tons of fixins too such as corn bread, brussel sprouts and gravy.

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15 Stanford by Alvin Leong

Photo Credit: 15 Stamford by Alvin Leong

Now, this is a feast for the ages. This restaurant specialises in contemporary Asian food with loads of yuletide glamour. What’s special about this restaurant? Aside from the usual dinner option, It offers a Christmas lunch menu consisting of three or four courses and features torched swordfish marinated in cincalok sauce, Japanese Crab in Thai curry, Wagyu beef cheek and a rosella mousse tart.

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 Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore

Photo Credit: Lawry's Prime Rib Singapore

This is a quintessential British Sunday Roast but elevated. The five-course menu begins with the classic salad, followed by roasted butternut squash and pumpkin soup. The main courses are up next with the choice of barbecue lamb ribs, turkey and prime rib beef combo or the ocean fish platter with a side of mash and Yorkshire pudding. Last but not least, diners get to choose between the caramel chocolate cake or vanilla custard with berries.

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Photo Credit: CÉ LA VI Singapore

Perhaps, the family taste buds skew towards flavours of home. Check out CE LA VI’s five-course menu with Irish premium oysters topped with kaluga caviar and tangy ponzu sauce, truffle and maitake chawanmushi and the signature A5 Wagyu striploin that will have you tasting savoury heaven while basking in the glorious panoramic view of the city.
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