Kookies unite.
8 September 2022

By now, we have grown accustomed to the power of celebrity, especially from Korea. Thanks to the Hallyu wave, many companies – both consumer and luxury – have roped in various K-pop and K-drama artists to represent their brands on a global scale.

Jungkook Effect
Photo Credit: @jungkook.97

Most notably, we have BTS’ youngest member Jungkook and his viral influence, dubbed the “Jungkook Effect”. However, what does it entail?

Dedicated fans scoured the Internet for the singer’s Emporio Armani pyjamas set that he wore in his birthday livestream on 1 September. The PJs were sold out on Amazon and other online retailers.

Photo Credit: @chizikook

While it may seem a little odd, Jungkook’s love for milk and the scene involving it from the Dynamite music video caused a significant increase in the US economy for the beverage in 2020.

Of course, Jungkook’s first Vlive after the group announced their break from making music as a band also saved HYBE’s stock from plummeting earlier this year. 

But it isn’t just Jungkook. Although not as strong, other stars like Lisa, Zico, Jisoo, Lee Min-ho and many more also have a similar effect as ambassadors for luxury brands.

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Why do they have such power? Just take a look at the recent Celine fashion show in Paris. Lisa, V and Park Bogum caused an uproar from their fans when they made their appearance, which had other celebrities from the west starstrucked as well due to the reception. 

VideoCredit: @jenlisakimanoban_28

Fans of K-entertainment have set up roots around the globe and their loyalty is second to none. Picking a fight or spreading rumours about their stans would result in an immediate backlash from thousands. 

Likewise, when one of the celebrities endorses a brand or product, fans flock to the stores or hit “add to cart” in an instance to feel closer to their favourite idols. 

Korean celebrities are known for having a tighter, more personal, bond with their adoring fans that has now transcended beyond just writing cards, buying gifts or making cardboard signs. Fans give back and empower the idols by keeping them relevant throughout their careers. 

Even veteran stars have benefitted from these grade-A fans. Squid game lead Lee Jung-jae experienced a surge of popularity that landed him a spot in Gucci’s Love Parade campaign.

Photo Credit: @gucci

Despite already being a decorated actor for years, Lee Jung-jae caught the Italian fashion house’s trendy eye out of the blue because of his performance in Squid Game and the enamelled cult following. 

As the Hallyu wave continues to take the world by storm, we are certain that the “Jungkook Effect” has only just begun.

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