Does Mercury maketh cheating men?
3 October 2022

Relationships are no cakewalk but this year has proven to be even more tumultuous than normal. In a span of two weeks, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine and Try Guy’s Ned Fulmer have become the reigning kings of infidelity within the pop culture stratosphere.

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Here’s a little recap. The Youtube-famous Try Guy, also ironically known as the ‘Wife Guy’, Ned was caught in public cosying up to employee Alexandria Herring who regularly appears in their videos. 

Ned has since been “fired” from the Try Guys and both him and his wife, Ariel, have released statements on their respective Insta feeds to ask for privacy as they work things out. 

Weeks before, the Maroon 5 lead singer was called out by Instagram model Sumner Stroh who claimed that she had a year-long affair with him. Shockingly, she alleged that Levine wanted to name his next child after her. 

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While Levine has confessed to sending those texts, he claims that there were no physical forms of cheating. His wife, Victoria’s Secret Angel Behati Prinsloo, has stated that although she is upset about the situation, she believes him.

As fans watch these scandals unfold in sheer horror, many blame Mercury retrograde as the cause for their wandering eyes, in some cases lips. 

Mercury retrograde happens a few times in a year where the planet seems to be moving in a reverse direction when observed from Earth. In truth, it is nothing more than an optical illusion due to the differences in orbit. 

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However, as Mercury rules over all forms of communication in astrology, many believe that the retrograde is the root of all misfortune during this period. 

To determine if this phenomenon and the cosmos have some weight on these scandals, we have to take a look at Levine, Ned and some other celebrities’ horoscopes:

Ned Fulmer – Gemini

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The couple has been together even before Ned's successful run at Buzzfeed. They have two children and published their own cooking book, The Date Night Cookbook.

Adam Levine – Pisces

Photo Credit: @behatiprinsloo

Prinsloo revealed her pregnancy of their third child a few weeks before the social media chaos.

Sebastian Bear-McClard – Aquarius

Photo Credit: @star_couples

Fans were quick to support model and entrepreneur Emily Ratajowski when she announced the couple's divorce, especially after a source revealed that Bear-McClard is a "serial cheater".

Tristan Thompson – Pisces

Photo Credit: @realtristan13

No surprises here, who can forget the Thompson-Khloe-Jordyn drama?

Ben Affleck – Leo

Photo Credit: @tmz_tv

Affleck played up the classic Hollywood trope of male celebrities forming romantic relationships with their children's nanny. This affair aggravated into the split with Jennifer Garner amongst other issues.

Tiger Woods – Capricorn

Photo Credit: @accesshollywood

Sportsman are usually held in high regard, which made his affairs with multiple women even more scandalous. Model Elin Nordegren filed for divorce soon after the news broke out.

Rupert Sanders – Pisces

Photo Credit: @justjared

The Huntsman director, Sanders, and lead actress, Stewart, were caught kissing, which blew up both their respective relationships with Liberty Ross and Robert Pattinson.

Jay-Z – Sagittarius

Photo Credit: @beyonce

Jay-Z's infidelity was probably one of the most shocking reveals of the 2010s. Queen B did not hold back in her wildly successful "Lemonade" Album.

Brad Pitt – Sagittarius

Photo Credit: @bradpitt_theman

Fans were up in arms when Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston with his Mr and Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie but now they hope for a rekindled romance.

Examining these men, it would seem that Pisces are the most likely to cheat on their partners. We might even believe it, especially with Thompson’s track record.

But according to data collected in 2021 by extra-marital dating platform Illicit Encounters with a pool of 120,000 of its members, Pisces adulterers only make up seven per cent of the study and the seventh sign that is most likely to cheat. Besides, Pisces are known for being emotional and loyal from platonic to romantic relationships.

The top five spots went to Capricorns, Libras, Sagittarius, Taurus and Geminis. Libras are often considered social butterflies and Geminis are known for being afraid of commitment. Aquarius, Scorpios and Cancers were the least likely to cheat.

Clearly, this experiment can hardly be considered legit but it serves as a small case study that proves how astrology does not make a cheater. Neither does Mercury retrograde because most of the affairs happen when Mercury is on the right track.

These incidents are just disappointing behaviour from men who were known for being a loving husband or boyfriend.

Of course, we can’t blame just the men. Kristen Stewart can testify to that. Also, Jada Pinkett-Smith has also dished about her affair on Red Table Talk opposite her husband Will Smith. 

Video Credit: @comedygoats

If you are curious, Stewart is an Aries and Pinkett-Smith is a Virgo, both ranked at sixth and tenth place for signs that are most likely to cheat – more reasons to not attribute cheating to astrology as the correlation between the two just does not add up .

Infidelity is no joke and while we would like to support our idols, we should not be giving them a free pass or pegging their indiscretions to anything else other than their poor judgement that led them astray. 

Photo Credit: @arielmfulmer

With that said, here's hoping that Ned and Levine can repair their marriages for the sake of their families and may our favourite celebrity couples bask in wedded bliss throughout 2022 – how much more heartbreak can fans possibly take?

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