Meet the mentors of CHIVAS REGAL F.C.’s inaugural Budding Programme

Fair warning, they are all super cool.
30 December 2022

Keeping with the ethos, ‘I RISE, WE RISE’, REGAL F.C. launches its inaugural Budding
Programme, an 8-week programme to cultivate the next generation of creatives. The
incubation chamber is spearheaded by industry OGs, the hustlers who have made a
name for themselves.

The panel of mentors includes Jackson Aw (founder of Mighty Jaxx), See Min Ng
(founder of Henndrawn), and Tobyato (urban visual artist), who will lend their wisdom and guidance to selected mentees. The mentees will push their work to larger scale by pitching a concept open to the public’s vote, with the winning mentor and mentee team executing and launching a creative project.

Interested? Join the open call at Chivas Regal's virtual clubhouse!

Meet The Mentors

Jackson Aw @mightyjaxx
Founder of designer collectibles brand @Mightyjaxx

Many would put away childish things; only a few would turn that into a business. Jackson Aw is one of the latter. Channeling his hobby into the multi-million-dollar toy company, Mighty Jaxx, Aw has worked with Netflix, Nickelodeon and Formula One, just to name a few. Mighty Jaxx’s latest endeavour is the development of NFTs. His ambition to nurture young creatives to realise their dreams like he did makes Aw the ideal REGAL F.C. mentor for the rising generation.

See Min Ng @smxne
Jagua Queen | Founder of @henn.drawn

Using jagua ink, Ng creates temporary art that leaves a lasting impression. With the human body as a canvas, Ng creates art with such intricacies that you’d wish her art took a more permanent stay on the skin. For further advocacy of her craft, Ng runs workshops for those wanting to indulge in their own jagua body art through her brand, Henndrawn. Her passion in disrupting the norm with her art makes Ng the ideal REGAL F.C. mentor for the rising generation.

Tobyato @tobyato
Urban Visual Artist

Tobyato’s work ranges from digital graphics to sprawling murals. Inspired by his own Chinese heritage, his artworks are often playful and striking interpretations of subculture. As an artist, Tobyato has worked with brands like G-SHOCK, Shake Shack, Levi’s and ASICS. His hustle and drive to elevate local art beyond the borders makes Tobyato the ideal REGAL F.C. mentor for the rising generation.

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