Not-so-basic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Something special to sweep your significant other off their feet.
25 January 2022

Something special to sweep your significant other off their feet.

Matching Genderless Jewellery

D'Heygere matching jewellery; earrings and studs
Image from D_Heygere

Here's your chance to match with your boo in a more subtle way--
genderless jewellery pieces that you both love and look super good in.

The Ultimate Selfcare Package

Versed skincare and self-care products
Image from @versed on Instagram

Everyone could always use some extra TLC, regardless of age or gender... so get your partner the perfect gift to unwind and relax with over the weekend by giving them a care package of the essentials: an exfoliant, cleanser, face mask, moisturiser, and massage tool!

Koss Headphones

Koss vintage headphones
Image from @amandataylorlee on Instagram

For the hipsters and hipsters-in-the-making. Get your boo the most sought-after
headphones on the internet now to score major thoughtfulness and brownie points.

A Personalised Mixtape

personalised mixtapes made digital via spotify, apple music, and more
Image from @pmyg0ddstepbro on Instagram

Keeping the music theme going, a personal playlist or mixtape of songs that remind
you of your love, or mark key moments in your relationship, is always a sweet gesture.

Home Trinkets

The Editor's Market lifestyle line features stylish glassware, home decor, and more
Image from The Editor's Market

If you know your partner's style to a tee, then small homeware trinkets might be the way to go this Valentine's Day. That way, there'll be a piece of you in their room or home for them to enjoy.

Dior Lip Glow

The Lip Glow by Dior Beauty
Image from @garotaminimal on Instagram

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know how obsessed everyone on
TikTok is with Dior's lip products. As the saying goes... if you adore her, Dior her.

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