"Be happy lah." – Park Eun-Bin
14 November 2022

By now, we are all familiar with K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s Park Eun-Bin. Of course, the viral handshake that took social media by storm played a major part as well as her hilarious acting chops. 

Last week, Park was in Singapore for a fan meet and we had the chance to get up close with the actress at Voco Orchard during a press conference last Friday. Here are some of the quirky and charming highlights.

Photo Credit: Viu

Obsessed With Singlish

Yes, like many tourists visiting Singapore for the first time, Park was eager to flaunt her Singlish vocabulary. Her initial greeting: “Thank you for coming lah.” The use of our famous “lah” was later used sporadically throughout the 25-minute session. Park also used “shiok” to compliment how clean our city is.

Chilli Crab For Lunch

Unfortunately, the star was on a tight schedule and lamented that she would not be able to try many Singaporean dishes during her short stay here. But, there was one dish that she could not pass up – chilli crab. “That’s my lunch tomorrow and I am super excited for it,” said Park through the Korean interpreter. 

Photo Credit: Viu

Universal Studios Singapore And Botanic Gardens Are On Her List

Park also shared that she would want to return to Singapore for leisure and to see more of the city. In particular, the Botanic Gardens was highly recommended to her by locals. The second place on her agenda would be Universal Studios Singapore as she has not been to any of the branches around the world. So, keep your eyes peeled as you might just bump into her sometime.

Hobby: Nothing

Photo Credit: Viu

Being an actress is undoubtedly tiring and Park revealed that she likes to do nothing during her free time, especially since she has been working for since she was five. “I don’t do anything outside of work – doing nothing is how I take a break. I get energy from working. I feel that every drama, character and scene has a different energy, and I keep myself motivated by my achievements in each role I play.”

A Rom-com Is Up Next

Having played various roles in period dramas, horror flicks and knee-slapping comedies, Park wants to go back to the basics and star in a traditional rom-com. But it might be a while before we see this come to fruition.

Photo Credit: Viu

“I don’t plan a lot ahead because if it doesn’t turn out the way I planned, I have a tendency to blame myself for it not going the way I envisioned. So, my fundamentals for the next year are these: I want to make sure I am happy and healthy all the time – be happy lah.”

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