Pride Collections That We Truly Love

Because they’re so much more than a random rainbow slapped on a t-shirt.
14 June 2022

Because they’re so much more than a random rainbow slapped on a t-shirt

Calvin Klein

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A collection of gorgeous bright colours and flattering nude shades make up Calvin Kein’s pride collection, along with the slogan “This is Love”. Their accompanying campaign lends a voice to different chosen families as well as the bonds built and found within communities. Calvin Klein’s 2022 Pride Campaign is an ode and intimate look into the found families that are a major cornerstone of queer communities worldwide.


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Converse is no stranger to Pride collections, releasing colourful pieces in support of the movement every year. This year they’ve released more colourful iterations of their classic sneaker, alongside some newer styles like the Run Star Motion and other clothing and accessories like tee-shirts and bucket hats with unique designs. 

Dr Martens

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Dr Martens is a frequent contributor and supporter of queer communities, donating yearly to charities that support and provide for the members of said communities. Championed by their signature rebellious spirit, Dr Martens has vocalised that they’re part of the fight against inequality, releasing a new limited edition monochrome iteration of the 1461 shoe, emblazoned with the colours of Daniel Quasar’s Progress Pride Flag.


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Whether you’re into more abstract art styles, quirky slogans, or cartoony illustrations, Casetify allows you to share your story with their Pride range, including designs by a number of different artists and ​​their crowd favourite Pride Phone case featuring a Rainbow Camera Ring. For every purchase of their Pride Case, Casetify will be donating $5 to The Christopher Street West Association, the official nonprofit of LA Pride.


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Honestly, Ugg’s rainbow acid-trip furry slides are kinda camp, making them the perfect addition to a collection inspired by the queer community. Besides their stand out designs that feature the colour palettes of different queer flags, Ugg is contributing $125,000 to The Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning young people, supporting The Trevor Project in reaching more youth and further advancing their mission to end suicide among LGBTQIA+ young people.

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