God save The Queen.
29 September 2022

Say what you want about the Royal Family and the heaps of drama they are constantly intertwined with. But we have to acknowledge that Queen Elizabeth II was an indisputable legend.

Photo Credit: @queenelizabeth

Not only did she serve as the longest reigning monarch, she was also a style icon in her own right. The Queen’s style even became synonymous with her persona and it was a hidden masterclass in styling. 

Yes, we are talking about her iconic hairdo, matching hat and dress ensembles and her jewellery. For over four decades, the queen would dress in this manner for most of her public appearances – straying away from her classic style was a treat only for special occasions such as the Royal Variety Performance in 1999.

So what is this prized lesson? 

Individuality: curating a signature look and embracing every facet of it.

Did the Queen know that her style, which started in the 80s would transcend well into the 2000s and 20 years after that? Odds are, no. It was a necessary protocol for the Queen to be noticeable at every engagement that she attended, for safety reasons.

Hence, she decided to incorporate monochromatic colour schemes into her outfits, most of which were vibrantly hued – pinks, yellows, blues, greens and more. But that’s not all, her dedication went beyond.

No other royal could wear the same colour she was wearing at the same event. Her matching hats could not be too tall as it would get stuck upon her exit from the car and the brims could not be too wide that it might obscure her view. 

She also had matching umbrellas that were rimmed with the same colour as her outfit.

Photo Credit: @royalty.crown_

If we look back at most of her appearances, we will notice the lack of pants. Well, that is on purpose too. She did not favour trousers and only wore them during her private time and for leisure activities such as favourite activity horse riding. 

Of course, we cannot forget the iconic scarves that she would use as headgear during her vacation time in Scotland or at sporting events. By the way, she was only inclined to wear scarves from Hermès or Launer.

Photo Credit: @royalty.crown_

We cannot forget about her jewellery. As the Queen, she had access to some of the finest gems but she hardly went anywhere without her pearls around her neck. She also had a love for brooches and her collection came in an array of shapes, sizes and colours. 

The Queen even owned a Singapore-made Bird of Paradise brooch in 18-karat yellow gold with 61 diamonds that was gifted to her by former President Tony Tan in 2012.


But it is not her luxurious dressing that we should bear in mind. It is her unwavering sense of self that we should emulate. She was wearing the clothes and they never wore her – she knew her style, what worked for her body, her royal stature and her personal taste.

In a time where designers are reissuing their classics and repurposing their silhouettes, not to mention fast fashion copying everything in sight, it is important to cultivate our own signature look and use it to turn any garment into something individualistic and unique for ourselves. 


While we may not be queens or kings in the literal sense, there’s nothing stopping us from feeling like one in our personal lives.

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