Saint Laurent’s new ‘It’ bag is a takeaway box

Would you like a YSL version of Happy Meal? Saint Laurent has launched a whimsical “Takeaway Box Bag”, and as the name suggests, it borrows its distinctive silhouette from iconic Chinese takeaway containers.
11 January 2023

The takeaway box bag from Saint Laurent mimics an actual takeaway carrier for your culinary guilty pleasures. Crafted from calfskin leather, the bag promises to add a touch of playfulness to your accessory edit. Also, expect some flex in the build, such as silver-tone metal YSL initials, an interior patch pocket and a suede lining.

YSL takeaway box bag

Saint Laurent’s Takeaway Box Bag is covered with monogram embossing

Additionally, a YSL letter lock, decorates the bag the “Takeaway Box Bag”. Covered with monogram embossing, the strapless bag is available in black and camel brown. Both renditions of the bag are available to shop via Saint Laurent’s website for US$1,890.

Anthony Vaccarello showcased a magnificent sci-fi show in the Aghfi desert for the 2023 spring-summer men’s collection. The collection eliminated the boundaries between men’s and women’s clothing with an elegant gesture. The “Takeaway Box Bag”, which looks like the portable lunch box of McDonald’s Happy Children’s Meal, was a part of the collection. The bag is perfect for your keys and cash, but probably not the leftover noodles. 


Balenciaga, LV made headlines with their whimsical designs

Not too long ago, Balenciaga’s “Trash Pouch” racked up all the headlines in 2022. Although Balenciaga is known to push boundaries with its bizarre fashion offerings, it is worth noting that other luxury fashion houses like Louis Vuitton have their versions of whimsical offerings too! For example, Louis Vuitton puzzled everyone with the “Paint Can” crossbody bag. LV launched the quirky bag at the late Virgil Abloh’s posthumous Men’s Fall/Winter 2022 runway show. In a fitting tribute to Abloh, LV brags the bag as “roomy enough to hold two phones”—a necessity for a WhatsApp obsessive like Abloh. 

It seems like designers have reached the same conclusion (that anything can be a bag). So, it’s no coincidence that their bags are attention-getting. 

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