The Best Drip From Coachella 2022 (Part 1)

A two-parter because we can't just stick to ONE list... stay tuned for part 2!!
24 April 2022

A two-parter because we can't just stick to ONE list... stay tuned for part 2!!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's Sparkly Stripes

coachella 2022 best drip
via @kyaryppa

While the princess of everything cute's performance outfit of a shiny pink Lolita-style dress complete with HUGE stars was a major eye-catcher, we can't help but fall in love with her casual walking-around outfit: a sparkly rainbow-striped jumpsuit and a leg-of-mutton sleeved blouse, complete with an oversized, sparkly bow; a perfect combo of cool and cute.

Wisdom's Pink 70's Fit

coachella 2022 best drip
via @wisdm

Everyone's favourite male style icon attended Coachella's weekend one decked out in a monochrome pink look that looked straight from the pages of a 70's style catalogue (or even better). Accessorised with the Internet's favourite jewellery piece of 2021, an oversized Vivienne Westwood pearl choker; he's not a fashion icon for nothing.

Doja Cat's IMVU-esque Outfit

coachella 2022 best drip
via @dojacatmexico

Doja Cat gave the grunge girlies a run for her money with a two-piece (well, more... if you count the gloves) set featuring ripped mesh, raw hems, and intentionally-messy knotting. Equal parts sexy and unique, many netizens commented on how it reminded them of IMVU baddie fits-- and we agree.

Elsa Hosk's Sweet Y2K Style

coachella 2022 best drip
via @hoskelsa

The combination of twin braids, a pink ruffled blouse, and a baby pink Dior saddle bag? Immaculate. Elsa makes LPA's Daniella top look so good, we're seconds away from adding it to cart ourselves...

Orville Peck's Head (Hat?)-to-Toe Gold

coachella 2022 best drip
via @orvillepeck

Seems like monochrome looks are the move this Coachella. Country singer Orville Peck put a gilded spin on his usual classic cowboy look with a shiny gold set. Sleeveless, to beat the Colorado Desert's heat, of course. Our favourite part? The gold flame designs under the brim of the hat which really ties the look together.

Annalise McLachlan's Bejewelled Cowgirl Set

coachella 2022 best drip
via @annalisemclachlan

Head-to-toe black, and dripping in diamonds. You really can't help but to be wowed by Annalise's fit-- a perfect look for the Coachella vibe. Major respect to her for withstanding the heat and crowd in a full-body latex set though... couldn't be us.

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