The Ultimate Concert Survival Guide For 2023's Biggest Shows: Harry Styles, Blackpink and Suga

It's party time!
15 March 2023

Harry Styles, Tomorrow X Together, Blackpink, Louis Tomlinson and Suga are all gracing us with their melodious vocals this year at showstopping concerts among many other artists as well. 

It has been a hot minute since Singapore had this many concerts lined up every month and many of us might have forgotten just how intense these shows can really get. Crazed fans are wild, as they should be for their favourite idols, but some of us just want to get there, enjoy the songs and leave in one piece. 

No fret, VibeCheck has devised an easy concert survival guide to ensure that you have the best time – perfectly safe, sound and comfortable.

Step 1: Get The Set List

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Know your words. Yes, while you may be a super-fan, your friends who are accompanying you might not be. Prepare yourselves at least 3 days before the concert by checking out the most recent set list from 

Create a playlist and put it on repeat – turn on the lyrics function on Spotify and sing it wherever you go, be it the toilet, the kitchen or taking the dog out for a walk. 

Step 2: Dress Comfortably

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Looking cute is a priority but we cannot punish our feet or our bodies with impractical shoes and clothing – mo heels, no constricting boots, no itchy fabrics and no puffy jackets. Also, do not wear anything that could be a nuisance to others in the audience such as hats, reflective materials and metal studs. 

Step 3: Be Early

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The gates will open around one hour before the official start time presented on the tickets. It is ideal to get there ASAP to avoid the pushy crowd and to get your bags checked with ease. Plus, rushing around could spell trouble for your ankles, which will greatly affect how well you can jump and dance to the songs you;ve been dying to hear in real life.

Step 4: Stay Hydrated

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We know the drill by now, leave your fancy bottles at home because all food and drinks have to be bought at the concession counter. Don’t scrimp on it just because it is overpriced. You will be singing your hearts out and you won’t want to deal with post-concert depression and sore throat at the same time.

Step 5: Only Leave When The Light Come On

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Don’t be fooled by the artists when they leave the stage right after their “final” song. There is likely to be an encore and no one wants to be halfway out the doors when the superstars take to the stage one last time. Plus, we really need to get our money’s worth and remember, just have fun.

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