What Your Choice Of Halloween Costume Says About You

It's boo time!
26 October 2022

When we think about Halloween, the usual costumes come to mind – vampires, zombies, witches, werewolves and other horror movie tropes. But with the rise of social media, we’ve noticed more memes, puns and other eccentric viral moments being reinterpreted into costumes.

That got us wondering, what does our costume genre bias say about us? Think of it like astrology but freaky deaky. 


Photo Credit: @arianagrande

Slightly on the nose, teetering on basic but there’s a scale factor. Depending on the details of your ghoulish look, such as blood drips, body paint, prosthetic scars and more, it shows your love for the dark side. Perhaps, you’ve been suppressing your evil-self for the entire year and Halloween is the one night you can let it loose. Slay, queen.


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Okay, we get it, you are smart. You’ve probably read every book on Greek mythology, the Regency era and the Renaissance available at the national library. But you know what, respect. You deserve to parade around in something you truly love and not feel judged. Who cares if it is hard to visit the loo with those troublesome hoop skirts? You are the most powerful person in the room.


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What you see, isn’t always the truth. While it may seem like you are trying to be flirty or promiscuous, the sexy costume is a love letter to yourself and your body. It’s 2022 and all body types deserve to be honoured as long as you’re healthy. Now, play ‘Body’ by Megan Thee Stallion and twerk your way to the clubs.


Photo Credit: @lizzobeating

Your sense of humour is on point. But more than that, you love to entertain. The satisfaction isn’t putting together an amazing jaw-dropping costume that will win top prize, you just want to see the smiles on everyone’s face as they examine your look. Be it a throwback Vine moment from 2013 or Adam Levine’s infamous messages of 2022, you will wear anything for a good laugh.


Photo Credit: @harrystyles

Come thru! You’re slaying for the gawds and there’s nothing stopping you from getting that ‘Best Dressed’ crown. Drag is a lot of work and clearly, you do not shy from it. You want to be the gaggiest person in the room, you want to turn heads and you thrive on the praise. Honestly, we salute the dedication and long hours, maybe even a ton of money, that have gone into your ensemble. 

Couples' Fit

Photo Credit: @kourtneykardshian

Rub your love life into our noses, why don’t you. But alright, you are a romantic and you want to share this moment with your partner after being deprived of social gatherings over the last few years. If anyone gives you flack for these costumes, just know that they are green with envy. Take loads of pictures for the ‘gram and create some awesome memories that you can tell your grandkids in 2062.

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