You Can Party At Haw Par Villa For One Night Only With Spanish DJ John Talabot

Haw Par Villa turns into a club for one night in April with DJs like John Talabot spinning the decks for Escape 56's "666th" Anniversary.
11 April 2023

Haw Par Villa is one of Singapore’s most iconic cultural parks. Embodying both a whimsical fantasy and haunting atmosphere, it’s a special place where visitors can peek into the 10 Courts of Hell while remaining safely aboveground. While it’s usually meant as a theme park, revellers who love electronic music can party on the grounds for one night only on April 16th.

Escape 56 celebrates its 6th anniversary at Haw Par Villa

Image credit: @xpiromanx

You might have heard of Escape 56, a pop-up party series that takes place at secret locations and not your usual clubs. Think spots like the old St. James Power Station and rural warehouses across Singapore.

For their upcoming 6th party - dubbed their “666th Anniversary” - the location is not so secret, but it’s one that people don’t usually associate with DJs and late-night dancing: Haw Par Villa.

When the sun sets on 15th April 2023, Haw Par Villa will be transformed from a serene park into an electrifying field with strobe lights, lasers, and speakers with enough bass to rock the gates of hell.

John Talabot
Image credit: John Talabot

The lineup for the night consists of DJs and musicians invited by the founder of Escape 56, DJ Zig Zach. Headlining the show is John Talabot, a Spanish DJ renowned for his electronic music. Other acts that are set to take the stage include A’alely, a rhythmic percussionist, and Sivillian Affairs’ Sivanesh who is the music director at Kilo and Potato Head.

Getting tickets to Escape 56 at Haw Par Villa

If you’d like to party and dance amongst mythological statues, all you need is a ticket to enter Escape 56th’s “666th”-anniversary bash at Haw Par Villa. Admission is priced at:

  • Regular: $38/$48/$68
  • Student: $28 (entry before 10.30pm)

The first 300 tickets also get a free Jäger and Redbull. You can buy tickets to the Escape 56 “666th” Anniversary here.

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