Your Ultimate VTL Travel Bucket List, Compiled

Just in time for the Summer break! ☀️
3 June 2022

Just in time for the Summer break! ☀️


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The perfect place for either a relaxing beachside getaway or an independant roadtrip with less touristy pit stops… What's not to love about Thailand? Another added plus: pre-departure and on-arrival tests are no longer required for fully-vaccinated travellers. Instead, all you’ll need is travel insurance, a digitally-endorsed vaccination certificate, and the Thailand Pass. Easy. 


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Ah yes, the land of affordable yet quality skincare and sinfully good street food like tteokbokki and hotteok, Korea has once again established itself as a favourite destination amongst Singaporean travellers, as it once was during pre-Covid restriction times. Out of all the destinations on this list, though, Korea might have the strictest entry requirements, including: 1. An ART test conducted in-person at a clinic 1 day before departure 2. A K-ETA, an electronic travel visa 3. A Q-Code for vaccination records and lastly 4. An on-arrival PCR test conducted at Incheon Airport. Phew!


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If you’re not too fond of long plane rides, Australia could be the destination for you. From stomping about in the bush and enjoying the great wilderness, to traversing the bustling streets of Sydney or Melbourne, there’s lots to do down under. Their rather lax travel restrictions (as compared to, for example, Korea above) are a bonus, merely requiring the standard documents: a digitally endorsed vaccination certificate, travel visa, a completed Digital Passenger Declaration, and lastly, an on-arrival ART to be done within 24 hours of arrival at certain states. 


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If you’re travelling all the way to Europe from Sunny Singapore, it just makes sense to tour multiple countries on the continent. Since they’re all extremely accessible by train, ferry, or plane, you’ll be able to check multiple destinations off your bucket list all at once! Different European countries may feature different levels of restrictions though (such as the UK scrapping all travel restrictions), so it might be wise to conduct a little research before flying off. 


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Japan has finally announced that it will be slowly opening up to visitors from June 10th onwards, albeit only those in tour groups. While strictly solo travellers might have to wait a while more for their chance to visit Japan, those keen on tour groups will be able to book scenic tours around the country with local travel agencies soon.

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