The Best Drip From Coachella 2022 (Part 2)

The long-awaited part 2 of our list of fave Coachella 2022 drip!
27 April 2022

The long-awaited sequel! Read part one here.

Caroline Polachek's Cyber Spectre Look

via @carolineplz

Clad in an ensemble of sheer lace layers and tech-inspired accessories (like her visor-esque glasses and neon knee-high boots), Caroline Polachek debuted her new song 'SIRENS' to the crowd at Coachella. Performed under a full moon, the stage was an otherworldly scene. That's how you know that the universe has your back.

Rina Sawayama's Grungy Micro Mini

via @onrushw23fh

In line with the latest trend to take the internet by storm, Rina Sawayama sported a custom top by ONRUSHW23FH, and their soon-to-be-released Twirl skirt. With raw hems, inconsistent layers, and jagged edges galore, the set was an edgier, grunged-up take of the viral khaki micro mini set.

Bibi's Cyber Chic

via @bibi__only

Performing on 88rising's stage alongside American-Korean rapper Yoon Mirae was Bibi, clad in a two-piece set with silver accents. The set featured futuristic armour-like elements, and the cyber-chic look was made complete with a pair of space buns and silver hairpins.

Kim Petras's Neon Moment

via @hoskelsa

Okay, we may be cheating with this entry since it's more of a makeup look than an outfit... but Kim Petras's highlighter-yellow eye-face-hair makeup look was seriously eye-catching. Which is always a major plus when you're at a huge festival like Coachella, right?

Wisdm (AGAIN!)

via @wisdm

We know that we featured Wisdom Kaye in the first part of this list but... another Coachella weekend calls for another banger outfit. This time, Wisdom went down a more casual route in sneakers, shorts, and a bandana (maybe because of the heat?), but every piece of this look was equally as fire as the last.

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