5 Alternative Therapy Options That Take Healing To A Whole New Level

Do you feel that? That's inner peace.
27 February 2023

When it comes to wellness, there is no right or wrong way to heal oneself. Traditional therapy is very useful and a trained professional is definitely someone worth seeking out when certain issues are just too big to handle alone.

But every now and then, we just need a quick and simple way to calm our nerves down or ease the chronic aches. Here are five alternative wellness treatments that pass the VibeCheck and alleviate stress in a jiffy.

Nuffield Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic and Spa

Photo Credit: @nuffieldayurvedicwellness

Ayurvedic treatments were developed in India more than 5,000 years ago and it is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a form of treatment that doesn’t only manage diseases and symptoms but to heal both the mind and spirit as well. This spa located at the Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre specialises in many herbal oil treatments for the eyes, nose, back, head and feet.

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Palm Ave Float Club

Photo Credit: @palmavefloatclub

Floatation has certainly made its rounds and its effectiveness has raised many eyebrows but the scientific research backs it up well. In the ‘50s, a neuroscientist wanted to find out what the mind was truly capable of and created a sensory deprivation tank but instead of going to sleep, the brain turns it’s power inwards causing the participant to experience a whole slew of sensations, which culminate into deep relaxation.

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Pablo Blau Halotherapy

Photo Credit: Pablo Balu

The power of salt isn’t just limited to the kitchen. In the 1800s, a researcher observed that men who worked in the salt mine for years tended to look younger and suffered fewer respiratory diseases. He discovered that by inhaling salt particles, it draws water into the airways and thins the mucus, which helps people feel better quickly. Thus, halotherapy was born and Pablo Bleu has replicated a similar but much more controlled, relaxing environment for those in Singapore to reap its benefits.

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HelloPhysio LED Red Light Therapy

Photo Credit: @hellophysiosg

Can light truly play a part in healing? Yes, the range of coloured LED lights have varying effects on our body and in this case, red is the way to go by activating our body’s natural healing factor. Using LightStim Multiwave Technology, the treatment stimulates blood circulation to relieve sore muscles, sport injuries, arthritic conditions and stiffness. Red light also comes in handy to reduce the look of wrinkles. 

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Jyan Yoga Sound Bath

Photo Credit: @jyanyogastudio

Sound therapy works by using sonic vibrations from various instruments like metal bowls, crystal bowls or gongs to create a sound that slows our brain waves and initiates deep sleep where true healing can begin. The relaxing sound bath at Jyan Yoga uses Tibetan bowls during the class as a form of meditation that aims to reduce stress and anxiety, making you feel rejuvenated after the session and ready for bed. 
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