5 Best “Quiet Luxury” Brands So You Can Stop Wearing Logos Everywhere

You know what they say: “Money talks, wealth whispers.”
21 April 2023

Remember when logomania was everywhere? Supreme box logo hoodies, Gucci T-shirts, and Fendi bags were all the rage just a couple of years ago. But that trend has since faded away like a fake Balenciaga logo will, with “quiet luxury” taking its place. You might have also heard it described as the “old money aesthetic” or “stealth wealth.”

It’s essentially all about dressing up with the mindset that you don’t care because you’re so eff-ing rich, and impressing fashion snobs is the least of your concerns. A “quiet luxury’ wardrobe would then consist of basic, logo-less essentials, but not from Uniqlo, mind you.

If you want to elevate your style this year and not be a walking billboard for a Fendace campaign, here are 5 brands you should add to your watchlist.

1. The Row

Image credit: The Row

The label’s design ethos is all about elegant minimalism, making it the perfect poster child for the quiet luxury movement. Even though its founders Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are celebrities in their own right, The Row has evolved into becoming a staple in many closets of girlbosses around the world.

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2. COS

Image credit: COS

A more affordable option that you can easily find in malls like ION Orchard, Raffles City, and Marina Bay Sands is COS. The brand is beloved for designing wardrobe essentials with an elevated look, and they don’t require you to sell a kidney just to afford a dress either. Plus, their clothes rarely sport any logos.

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3. Celine

Image credit: Celine

Celine has long been hailed as one of the quintessential quietly luxurious brands ever since designer Phoebe Philo came on board in 2008. And even when she left in 2018 and Hedi Slimane took over, that vibe is still everpresent in its ready-to-wear collections.

The only logo that you might see on Celine apparel is the interlocking C’s that are subtle and won’t draw any untoward attention from the plebians. Check out their Summer 2023 capsule drop here.

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4. Brunello Cucinelli

Image credit: Brunello Cucinelli

Mark Zuckerberg’s wardrobe might not be the flashiest - think grey T-shirts and jeans - but you can bet it’s stocked full of $500 Brunello Cucinelli shirts. The Italian label is a fan-favourite of the Facebook founder and other high-flying executives who want to wear the best fabrics for both work and play, a.k.a. cashmere. 

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5. Loro Piana

Image credit: Loro Piana

The holy grail of the old money aesthetic is Loro Piana. They are the world’s largest cashmere manufacturer, and their loafers are known to be a favourite amongst billionaires. Be warned - each pair can cost upwards of $1,300 and that’s just for the suede ones. Keep an eye out next time you’re in Marina Bay Sands or Sentosa Cove for shoes with a distinctively-white sole.

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