5 Florists In Singapore To Get Mum A Bouquet For Mother’s Day

Here are 5 florists with chic floral arrangements to check out for Mother's Day.
14 May 2023

You never need a reason to get Mum a fresh bouquet of flowers, but Mother’s Day is one occasion where you should absolutely get some blooms for the maternal figures in your life.

If you have zero experience putting together a bouquet or arrangement, we wouldn’t recommend getting uncut stems from your neighbourhood flower shop. The savvier route would be to order a professionally-assembled bouquet from one of these 5 florists in Singapore instead.

1. Wonderland Botanicals

Wonderland Botanicals Yellow Mother's Day Flowers
Image credit: Wonderland Botanicals

Wonderland Botanicals is a florist that creates arrangements made for the urban home dweller, and for this Mother’s Day, they have made an arrangement comprised of pastel tulips, roses, and carnations that are all flowers that scream “Mother!” At the centre of the bouquet is a singular sunflower to signify Mum’s “heart of gold” according to the florists.

If Mum prefers a specific type of flower or appreciates arrangements in certain colours, Wonderland Botanicals also has plenty of standalone florals available in their shop. And if Mum loves what they’ve made, you can get them a floral subscription so their home will never go out of season.

Wonderland Botanicals website

2. This Humid House

This Humid House Red Flowers
The Red Lip arrangement ($260).
Image credit: @thishumidhouse

For Mother’s Day, This Humid House took inspiration from “Mother and Child” themes, pairing baby versions of flowers and fruit with their adult counterparts to evoke a perception of maternal comfort.

They have 8 creations that range from $150-$320, and all of them come with a vase that has been curated specially to make the florals pop.

This Humid House website 

3. Roses Only

Roses Only Red And Pink Roses Mother's Day Flowers
Image credit: Roses Only

Sometimes all it takes to make a lady swoon are roses. Roses Only will ensure that your Mum’s Day is made with a delivery of fresh roses. Choose from a gift box with a single red rose or get her a box that’s about to burst with a mixture of light pink and cherry brandy orange roses.

What’s more, all orders above $99 are eligible to get $10 off using the promo code <LOVEMOM>.

Roses Only website 

4. Ask A French - Flowers

Ask A French Flowers Mother's Day Flowers
Image credit: Ask A French - Flowers

Working out of her studio in Joo Chiat, Aude Giraud is the French-Indonesia founder behind Ask A French - Flowers, and if there’s anyone you can trust about flowers, it’s the French. She is offering 4 sizes of bouquets from 35cm ($189) to 70cm ($469) with delivery fees included in the cost as well. 

The catch is that each bouquet will be a unique creation by Aude, and it’ll arrive at Mum’s doorstep as a complete surprise. While you can’t choose specific colours or flowers, you can let her know if there are any colours or breeds to avoid in the bouquet.

Ask A French - Flowers website 

5. Flower Addict

Flower Addict Floral Hamper Mother's Day Flowers
Image credit: Flower Addict

You can take celebrating Mother’s Day one step further by gifting Mum a floral hamper with flowers and other home goods from Flower Addict. The basic hamper which costs $169 comes with chocolates, a scented candle, and a box of Japanese honey melon tea. You can also upsize to the most extravagant hamper at $369 which has a room spray, a bottle of rosé, chocolates, and a candle.

If flowers are more than enough for Mum, they also have affordable bouquets below $150 so you don’t have to break the bank.

Flower Addict website 

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