7 Female TikTok Creators To Follow For The Best Beauty, Comedy And Lifestyle Content

Double tap away.
22 March 2023

TikTok creators are aplenty in this day and age, we are literally spoiled for choice. From fashion, beauty to sketches, every creator brings something unique to the table but who definitely deserves our coveted attention span? 

We treat this very seriously at VibeCheck and we did not play games when curating this list of seven female TikTok creators to follow right now, if you have not already done so. Check ‘em out below.


There are tons of makeup trends out there and most of us can barely keep up, but Hayley Bui sure can. Seriously, if you’ve just heard about a particular trend, Hayley has probably uploaded a TikTok or two about it. She gives real reviews, advice and alternative approaches to achieve gorgeous makeup looks.


Although it’s natural, no one craves thinning hair and hair loss. Certified trichologist Afsennah dived deep into all things scalp and hair growth to save us from that unfortunate fate. Her videos encompass hair care tips, routines, DIY treatments as well as personal videos of her own journey to thick, voluminous and glossy locs. 


This is the gal to go to for the best fashion hacks. From how-to’s on cropping garments to engineering new ways to wear an oldie in your closet, she has all the answers and then some. Get ready to embrace and revitalise your wardrobe like never before with her nifty tricks and tips. 


A ride-or-die friendship between girl friends is sacred. Whenever you’re in a funk, trust that your girls will always have your back and Evie is the epitome of that friend. Even though her followers don’t know her personally, her hilarious pick-me-up TikToks with the hilarious “Eenie Meenie” song will have you feeling like your bad selves any day.


Thifting has taken the world by storm and everyone wants to get in on the action but it’s way harder than we think it is. However, our local vintage queen Nicole Chin knows all the best spots in town – across the border too – and she isn’t gatekeeping any of them. Plus, she gives helpful tips on how to mix and match prints and textures for sickening bold looks.


Looking for unbiased beauty reviews? Look no further, Rose puts the most hyped products to the test on her TikTok grid. From Olaplex hair care to letting actual snails slide around her face, she goes for broke when testing something out. She even keeps things transparent with funny fail videos that showcase how we shouldn’t use beauty tools.


No idea how to deal with annoying coworkers? No problem, Loe Whaley is the work bestie that got you covered. While she does mostly skits playing out caricatures of colleagues at a corporate job, her best videos are the ones where she uncovers the best responses to your superior in the most professional way. Oh, and not to forget her signature catch phrase: “Toodaloo”.

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