Celebrate Comedy Legend Kumar's 30th Anniversary In Stand Up And Entertainment

Brace yourselves, these jokes aren't for the faint of heart.
21 November 2022

When it comes to locally born and raised comedians, few can compare to the likes of the legendary Kumar. With three decades of stand up under his belt, this drag queen deserves a massive celebration.

Arts and entertainment company Dream Academy will be throwing an extravaganza – KUMAR XXX – filled with lots of jokes, live music, dancing and fashion to honour Kumar’s long-standing dedication to his provocative craft and brighten up our lives with impeccable wit.

“Kumar is my oldest colleague in comedy, and it is nice to know that we are still in one piece after all these years,” said actress Koh Chieng Mun.

Photo Credit: Dream Academy

She continued: “I can safely say that KUMAR established open mic for Singapore”

While many new fans were introduced to his zaniness through TikTok during the height of the pandemic, this show welcomes ride-or-die Kumar fans who have been supporting his many sold out shows in the past. 

Photo Credit: Dream Academy

“Kumar is one of the people who paved the way for entertainers here in SG. He is bold, absolutely hilarious and has been a huge inspiration to me,” said host and actress Munah Bagharib.

What can the audience expect from this triple X show? Although the production is R18, the show does not revolve around sex as Kumar’s eccentricities usually explores jokes from dishes to politics, and way more. 

Video Credit: @goodymyofficial

Now, what are you waiting for? Grab tickets soon before it is too late.

Kumar XXX
Venue: Capitol Theatre, 17 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178907
Date: 1 to 17 December 2022, Mon to Fri (8PM), Sat (3PM and 8PM)
Book tickets here

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