Embrace Sustainable Fashion Like Never Before With Homegrown App Smthgood

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14 April 2023

Fast fashion has a bad reputation for being one of the biggest contributors of waste in the world. Be it scraps from the factories, chemicals used to treat fabrics to piles of unworn deadstock, many aspects of this particular type of fashion can be harmful to our planet. 

But that doesn’t mean we have to stop shopping for cute fits and accessories that make us look and feel good. Conscious fashion app Smthgood founded by financier Tony K Tan was launched earlier this year, aiming to help users to shop sustainable fashion and in turn do some good for the Earth. 

Of course, green fashion is often associated with ill-fitting silhouettes, unsightly prints and steep price tags but Smthgood is changing these notions with dozens of brand partners on the platform who are offering chic garments at reasonable prices.

Upon signing up, users can discover their style personality through an interactive quiz that analyses preferences in order to curate items best suited for your taste.

Shoppers are not limited for the “Just For You” section and can explore the platform’s entire range by categories – dresses, rings, sportswear, you name it. If browsing isn’t for you, simply shop by brands, which includes Singapore’s own OliveAnkara or regional brands such Kayn Label.

Also, who doesn't love a good deal? Shopping through the app also has rewards in the form of cash back points that can be accumulated and used for future purchases.

These points can also be earned by participating in lookbook challenges hosted on the app. All it takes is creating a lookbook using images of the clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery provided on the app as well as stickers, backgrounds and other effects based on the theme. 

The lookbooks provide a fun yet inspirational resource for styling tips and discovering new brands in imaginative and creative ways from users across countries.

While changing the perception of green fashion in the eyes of customers is just as important as giving a platform to eco-conscious labels, Smthgood is also taking real life action to do their part for the planet.

Smthgood plans to purchase 1,000 carbon credits a year to remove excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, which is the equivalent to more than 47,000 trees photosynthesising and purifying the air around us.

Although shopping green can be daunting, Smthgood makes it easy for those who are just starting their ethical fashion journey and raising awareness about the different brands and materials that are making a difference.

Smthgood is available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

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