Five Female-Founded Beauty Brands To Support This Month

Who doesn't want gorgeous glowing skin, hair and nails?
22 March 2023

Women have been the backbone of the beauty industry for decades. From makeup to skincare, some of the best products on the market and beloved by many across the world weren’t just bought by ladies, they were designed, formulated and distributed by girl bosses. 

Supporting marginalised communities and their brands is very important as it empowers their communities to fulfil their potential and come up with innovations that could change the world. So, let’s champion women by shopping from these women-founded beauty brands.

Juvia’s Place

Video Credit: @juviasplace

Let’s be honest, many mainstream makeup brands are not creating products for women of colour. While some eyeshadow palettes tend to be disappointing in the pigmentation department, barely showing up on darker skin tones, foundations, concealers and blushes tend not to blend well enough. 

Enter Juvia’s Place, an affordable makeup and skincare brand that keeps women of colour at the forefront of their formulation game. The brand’s holy grail product is its Nubian eyeshadow palettes where every shade is a creamy dream.


Photo Credit: @briogeo

Founder Nancy Twine is a powerhouse in the beauty industry and she wouldn’t be here today without her haircare brand, Briogeo, which houses products that work on all hair types. Be it straight or curly locs and smooth or frizzy textures, there is something for everyone. 

The brand’s most famous collection – Don’t Despair, Repair – is a must-have for anyone who is prone to breakage and easily tangled hair. 

Glow Recipe

Photo Credit: @glowrecipe

Although this brand has become a household name among Gen Zs and millennials, few know of its inception. The Korean-inspired skincare brand was founded by Sarah Lee and Christine Change who met while working at L’Oréal. 

Taking in whatever they had learnt from the western beauty world and what they knew about K-beauty, they launched their first product, the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, which became a cult-favourite almost overnight. Since then, the duo has released an entire slew of products targeting common skin ailments with all sorts of clean, fruity hero ingredients.


Photo Credit: @bloomeffects

Developing makeup and skincare goodies is actually closely related to science and massive laboratories with loads of chemicals. Anything on the market is safe for most of us but some ingredients are a no-no for mums-to-be such as retinol. Bloomeffects was launched by Kim Van Hasster with products that were made out of necessity while she was expecting. 

The Tulip Nectar Skin Repair Body Balm is one of these products that moisturises and nourishes dry and flaky skin with the brand’s proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex and 25 different botanicals. 

Holo Taco

Video Credit: @holotaco

Nope, we are not talking about food. We are talking about the nail polish brand by YouTube Sensation Simply Nailogical – Cristine Raquel Rotenberg – who has millions of subscribers for her zany nail tutorials. While we are used to low quality YouTube-generated products, Holo Taco is the complete opposite with polishes that coat the entire nail in a single swipe. 

Of course, if you know anything about Christine, she doesn’t rely on basic creme polishes. She loves everything holographic and has different collections, including top coats, surrounding this particular style.

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