Forget cheese – butter boards are TikTok’s biggest obsession right now

If you, like us, have been spotting butter boards all over your social media feeds, and it’s making you feel a bit confused, know that you’re not alone. What is a butter board? How do you make one? What’s the big deal? We investigate.
20 October 2022

What is a butter board, and why is everyone obsessed with it?


I like this one idk I’m in a silly goofy butter mood

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Having garnered a million views and a worldwide reputation on TikTok, this butter board video, posted by recipe creator Justine Doiron, went viral across the globe. The TikTok-er demonstrates that a butter board is basically a charcuterie-inspired board, although instead of cheese and cured meat sees softened butter smeared rustically all over a wooden board, then seasoned with salt, herbs, honey, nuts, and many other creative seasonings. The idea has inspired several other creations online that extend far beyond plain butter — some examples even include the dulce de leche and the peanut butter board.

The best part of a butter board? Justine actually consumes her beautifully-smeared butter with a piece of bread. Though you can also use a butter knife to scoop some on your bread in a more sophisticated manner, the hands-on joy of using bread to dip into the board is half the fun.

Why are butter boards so hot on social media right now?

Considering the presentation and the procedures behind making this contemporary board, it’s not difficult to see why it became so popular on TikTok and Instagram. The butter board resembles the same purpose of your conventional, meaty charcuterie board, since it is a shared appetiser that requires no serious cooking at all. If anything, it’s actually easier and requires less artistic skill to create. Additionally but quite essentially, it also just looks so Instagram-perfect.

How do I create a butter board at home?

As the name suggests, butter is the star of the show here. That being said, you may want to stress on the quality of the butter to maximise your experience. Opt for French butter, which contains a higher fat content and hence arguably tastes more delicious. Leave it to soften at room temperature for a while so it’s easier to smear across the board. The original recipe adds sea salt, nuts, herbs, and honey, but really, the sky is your limit. You can place some of your smoked meat favourites on there too, like classic charcuterie, or even some figs or lemons.

Another make-or-break component is the bread. Whether it be sourdough, baguette, whole wheat, rye, or brioche, almost any kind of bread will go well with the butter as long as it is fresh and of good quality. Plus, if you’re planning on posting your masterpiece on social media, wooden boards would do the most justice for the aesthetics of your dish.

(Hero and featured image credit: @gotterioggersemar/Instagram)

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