Pucker up, these lips are large and in-charge.
1 September 2022

It is time to embrace beauty trends like never before because masks are no longer mandatory for most social gatherings. After two and a half years of hiding, our lips deserve some time to bask in as much glory as possible.

With the rise of y2k trends, “raw” beauty is now at the centre of attention. Everyone wants to achieve the radiant, healthy skin look instead of packing on the makeup.

Video Credit: @haileybeiber

Lips are also being treated as such – everyone wants plump, voluptuous and luscious puckers. Enter the glazed donut lips, a beauty trend popularised by Hailey Beiber on her ‘gram.

Like the rest of social media, we are head over heels for the glossy look and we have all the deets on how to achieve it. Check ‘em out below.

Step One:

Get a lip liner that is as close to your natural lip colour and overline those lips. Here’s one that we recommend:

Charlotte Tilburry’s Lip Cheat Lip Liner

Photo Credit: Sephora

Don’t fret over the matte-finish liner because the waterproof aspect will come in handy throughout the day when eating and drinking.

Step Two:

Pick up a lip gloss that matches the lip liner used. Better yet, invest in a lip oil that is all the rage right now. Some good picks that we enjoy:

Dior’s Lip Maximizer

Photo Credit: Sephora

This long-wear gloss packs a ton of hydration throughout the day without the sticky consistency.

Clarin’s Lip Comfort Oil

Photo Credit: Clarins

With a blend of botanicals, this nourishing lip oil protects and repairs the lips while providing the pout with an otherworldly sheen. 

Step Three:

Blend the lip liner towards the inner parts of your lips with your ring fingers to create a seamless edge.

Step Four:

Last but not least, use the original lip liner to line the centre of the bottom lip and the cupid’s bow to create an illusion of even perkier lips. Don’t forget to touch up the gloss or oil treatment until you’re satisfied with those juicy lips.

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