Honest Thoughts On Revenge Raves From A Worn-out Millennial

Happy Halloween, you party animals!
31 October 2022

Indie raves have been all the rage ever since its return post-pandemic. Be it 1D night or Halloween, these parties are built on the premise of avenging the lost youth that many Gen Zs were deprived of.

Being 25-years-old, I am both the youngest of the millennials and the oldest of the Gen Zs. I have partied hard back in the day and as I've aged, my interest in long nights of dancing and drinking have plummeted but I wanted to see what the fuss was about and if it was worth dragging my rusty bones out of bed.

Of course, if I was going to a Gen Z rave, I had to choose Villain Era by Afterlife, which was hosted by TikTok creators Dewy Choo, Kai and Rayyan. Heading out to town at 9:30PM, fully dressed as a budget Joker – a purple suit and neon green top – was not a problem but the storm proved to be a challenge because there was no shelter from Orchard MRT station to the Hard Rock Cafe. 

There was no chance of me running through the rain. Dancing in soggy clothes was not an option. So, I waited an hour for the rain to subside before making my way over and I arrived at the perfect time.

It was almost 11PM and the crowd was just building up with people in their early-twenties dressed in an array of costumes that were impressively detailed, which I cannot say the same of those back in 2017 when Halloween first started picking up in Singapore.

The best costumes of the night included a very accurate rendition of Chucky, an innovative couple in matching Pennywise ensembles and a hilarious recreation of Linguini from Disney’s Ratatouille – yes, there was a silhouette of a rat in the LED-lit chef’s hat. Not to mention, the five other Jokers that I spotted in the crowd. Either great minds think alike or it was just an easy choice.

Music is the most important factor when clubbing and the fear of a playlist that was predominantly TikTok sounds was eating at me because I wouldn’t know the lyrics. Thankfully, it wasn’t, the new age tunes were slotted in between mixes of oldies from the 2000s and 2010s, and honestly, it slayed.

Truthfully, I have never seen a group of people jump so fervently at ‘Into You’ by Ariana Grande before or sing ‘Payphone’ by Maroon 5 at the top of their lungs, full of passion and without a single wrong lyric.

This was the moment that I fully understood the appeal of revenge raves – clusters of party-hungry young adults huddled in a tight embrace, without a care in the world, and just enjoying each other’s vibes. 

There’s no denying that I am a cynic but this unbridled joy was able to move me – figuratively and physically, as I let loose and danced for the next two hours, soaking the night in and saying “yes” to every fun opportunity such as dancing on stage with new friends and Rayyan, himself.

Time check: We were approaching 2:30AM, well past the witching hour and my bedtime. It is my personal philosophy to leave the party after it reaches its peak because nothing will beat that high point. 

Also, I have learnt a thing or two from my wilder days. Never attempt to get a ride when the party is officially over unless you’re loaded and willing to fork out an obscene amount of money.

Barely capable of hearing anything outside the venue, I got onto my Grab and two things beckoned – home and the late night hunger pangs. So, I did as any Gen Z and millennial would do after hitting the clubs, supper at McDonald’s with my besties.

When my stomach was satiated, I walked home, removed my makeup, took a nice hot shower and tucked myself into bed. The verdict of the night was left for the hungover version of myself to deal with in the morning.

As promised, hungover me with a cup of coffee in hand is here to deliver my final thought on Gen Z raves: They definitely pass the Vibe Check and I will gladly do this again, but in a month or so after my knees stop aching.

Till the next adventure, your friendly neighbourhood millennial – Brandon Chia

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