K-pop idols PSY and Rain to perform at Marquee Singapore’s 4th anniversary

Iconic Korean pop singers PSY and Rain are set to take the stage in Singapore at the fourth-anniversary bash of the plush Marina Bay Sands nightclub Marquee on 8 April 2023.
15 March 2023

The performance is scheduled for the last day of the three-day entertainment programme held at the nightclub, as part of the ongoing Sand Live series at Marina Bay Sands. The event is PSY and Rain’s debut at Marquee and will mark the launch of Oh-K!, an upcoming series to highlight the best of South Korean music and entertainment.

Here are all the details about PSY and Rain’s Marquee Singapore performance

The star duo is lined up for a mini three-song showcase on the third day of the weekend celebration called Marquee Elysian, held from 6 to 8 April 2023. Guests can experience a “spectacular world beyond imagination” as they enter a space filled with party-goers from the mythical and luminescent underwater world of Elysian.

A glow-in-the-dark ambience awaits visitors where groovy music by Australian DJ and instrumentalist Timmy Trumpet will keep them at the dance floor on 6 April. The following day, Netherlands-born Australian DJ Marlo will take over the console for some electrifying music.

Wondering what to wear? Think of all things neon, luminous and glowing.

Tickets for PSY and Rain’s music performance start at SGD 80 (around USD 59). Buy them here.




About PSY and Rain

Other than Marquee Singapore, the K-pop celebrities are going to be in Marina Bay Sands for a private event over the same weekend.

Say “Gangnam Style,” and Korean rapper, singer and songwriter PSY needs no further introduction. The 2012 track became a viral sensation. It earned him several awards and a Guinness World Record for being the first video to be viewed over 1 billion times on YouTube. PSY is considered the first Korean artist to make a foray into the Western music arena and put K-pop on the world map. He last performed at Marina Bay Sands 11 years ago in 2012.

Rain is also an acclaimed K-pop icon who performed at the Singapore landmark in 2014. He gained a massive international following when his third album, It’s Raining (2004), became a major success and sold over a million copies. Along with winning accolades, Rain was among the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME magazine in 2011.

(Main image credit: PSY/ @42psy42/ Instagram; Rain/ @rain_oppa/ ; Feature image credit: Marquee Singapore)

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