New Year's Traditions From Around The World For Luck, Love And Wealth

Happy New Year, folks!
30 December 2022

Be it staying in or hitting the clubs, there are tons of different traditions that we do to ring in the new year. Some are purely to celebrate while others are done based on superstitions, and let’s face it, we could really use a smooth sailing 2023 up ahead. 

Every country and culture seems to have cultivated their own New Year’s traditions and we curated a list of the most wacky ones that are said to bring luck, prosperity and joy. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Spain – Eating 12 Grapes

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When the clock strikes midnight, Spaniards kick off the new year by eating 12 grapes, one for each strike of the clock. This practice dates back to the 19th century and it is believed to ward off any evil while ushering in a prosperous new year. However, this must be done in under a minute, if not, it wouldn’t come true.

Denmark – Throwing Plates

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The more the merrier. While some will see this as an utter waste of good china, those in Denmark believe that breaking kitchenware at the doorstep brings all your loved ones good luck.

Greece – Hanging An Onion At The Front Door

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Onions are touted as a symbol of fertility and growth. After going to church on New Year’s Day, Greeks will hang an onion right outside their door. Some believe that it will attract good luck as well.

India – Burning A Figure Of An Old Man

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This Mumbai tradition requires a life-size, stuffed figure of an old man – specific details or not needed – that is slammed on to the ground and set ablaze on New Year’s Eve. The burning represents the passing of old troubles of the previous years and making space for blessings. Now, that’s lit. 

Ireland – Smacking Bread On The Wall

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Put those leftover Christmas bread to good use and bang them against the walls and doors of your house to ward off evil spirits. The Irish believe that this will keep the family healthy and lead them into a bountiful new year.

Colombia – Placing Three Potatoes Under The Bed

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How about a little fortune telling? On New Year’s Eve, place three potatoes under each person’s bed – one unpeeled, one peeled and one half-peeled. When midnight comes, each family member closes their eyes and grabs one of the potatoes and depending on which one is chosen, they can expect financial difficulties, influx of wealth or a mix of both in the new year.

Brazil – Wearing Lucky Underwear

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Bust out those special drawers. In Central and South America, it is believed that wearing underwear in different colours will bring in different benefits – red equates to love and yellow for money.

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