If a fruit can go viral on TikTok, you know it's worth checking out.
27 August 2022

Mother nature is wondrous. New species of flora and fauna are constantly being discovered but this fruit has social media going ballistic for its wacky appearance.

Video Credit: @miamifruit

This scaly, alien-looking fruit is the Monstera Deliciosa, a tropical fruit that is said to taste like a mix between a banana and a pineapple – some even say it tastes like mango or jackfruit. 

If you’re wondering why the name sounds so familiar, all you might need to do is look around you because this fruit comes from the common Monstera plant in our neighbourhood gardens or potted in our homes.

Image Credit: Unsplash

While cultivated Monsteras seldom flower, wild ones in tropical climates can bear fruits after a couple of years. We might have even passed by an unripe one during a hike or walking our dogs. 

In the early stages, the fruit will look like the stem of the white flower. But as it matures, a green hue will become predominant and the scales will drop off naturally in segments, releasing a sweet aroma. 

Image Credit: @elcadejo

Under these segments, you will find the edible fruit that has a creamy consistency with loads of flavour. Be warned, removing the scales prematurely to expose more fruit is a bad idea. The unripe flesh contains needle-like structures that can irritate the throat causing a burning sensation.

Video Credit: @powerofreggae

Sounds cool but how can we get our hands on it?

Unfortunately, the fruit cannot be bought from local markets. Of course, before you go running around Singapore in search of this rare fruit, remember that harvesting from the trees in public parks and nature reserves without permission is illegal. 

Image Credit: @plantkween

Perhaps, if you are travelling to South Mexico or Nicaragua, you might be able to try one there. If not, we will just have to admire nature’s magic through our screens and imagine the taste.

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