SG Style Icons to Follow For Y2K Fashion Inspo

Inspiration that's closer to home.
27 April 2022

Inspiration that's closer to home.

Nicole Chin

via @chinchilla.vintage

Starting off this list is none other than Nicole Chin aka Chinchilla Vintage, a pro at thrifting and coming up with unique looks using retro pieces. Her Instagram and Tiktok accounts are a treasure trove of style inspo pics, not just from the early 2000's, but from the bygone eras of the 70's and 80's too.

Dewy Choo

via @dewychoo

Viral Tiktoker Dewy Choo is never afraid to experiment and try new styles, and we love her for it. She lets her personality shine through her fashion choices, as embodied by her bright pink satin lace-up vest, paired with a Von Dutch cap, a staple of the early aughts.

Joshua Lim

via @joshualimyh

To the guys: no, we didn't forget about you. For Joshua, Y2K influences come in the form of accessorising: trucker caps, seashell necklaces, and a pair of retro-style Koss headphones help to complete and elevate any look.

Simone Eng

via @simoneeeeng

Simone's style is casual, sweet, yet cheeky. The combination of cut-off jean shorts, I-heart-NY Converse sneakers, and a graphic text tee make this look a Y2K time capsule.

Nadya Lim

via @imakeitrain69k

Model Nadya Lim's take on Y2K fashion leans more towards the brightly-coloured, tropical style called the Coconut Girl, characterised by tropical floral and fruit prints, Aloha shirts, sundresses, shell necklaces and the like.

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