SHIPP: The Newest Dating App That Susses Your Vibes First

Gotta pass the vibe check to find love
17 February 2023

Valentine’s Day might be over and while some of us got flowers, chocolates and a gift or two that night, many of us have struck out with nothing. But hey, don’t be discouraged. The game of love is a hard one to beat but the result is often sweeter than the journey. 

But before you head back onto your existing apps to find your next big love, you might want to consider the new dating app in town – SHIPP, a vibes-based platform to encourage users to form genuine connections online. 

Photo Credit: SHIPP

Gone are the days where dating apps were considered taboo and the 2021 Marriage and PArenthood survey conducted in Singapore backs that up. Of course, face-to-face encounters are still preferred because online dating can be rather cumbersome and painful.

The birth of this new dating was conceived from bad online dating experiences that SHIPP gathered from a survey involving 200 participants. The issues that plagued users include swiping fatigued and shallow conversations during the screening process after getting a match. 

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Ghosting also becomes a big problem after a few text messages and a couple of dates, which hinders those who are serious about settling down and making actual relationships happen. 

To combat this, SHIPP has three main features that combine traditional matchmaking, blind dates and speed dating. The first is an algorithm system designed specifically for SHIPP to match users based on criteria. 

No photos will be on display when the match first occurs, which is in line with the apps “Vibe First, Connect Later” slogan and mantra, followed by a seven-minute “Vibe Check” session.

Photo Credit: SHIPP

These seven minutes provide the ground for icebreakers between matches in real-time. Photos will then be revealed after this stage. 

Through this, the app aims to shift perceptions for users as this tested model improved the possibility of finding someone serious without being swayed by first impressions based on looks. 

“Having tried many dating apps before, I observed that most of them work in similar formats and are more inclined to impress potential matches with physical appearances first before having any chance to interact further,” said Jason Yah, Co–Founder and CEO of SHIPP.

He added: “Even when there is a match, no one starts the conversations or the conversations end rather quickly and rarely transits to any genuine relationships formed beyond the app.” 

Photo Credit: Unsplash

SHIPP is a novel, locally grown app that seeks to help singles find the one and to us, they definitely pass the VibeCheck. 

The app is available for download now on the iOS app store and the Google Play store. For more information, click here.

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