Achieve Your 2023 Goals with Manifestation (Lucky Girl/Boy Syndrome)

It is all in your hands.
26 January 2023

While many took to social media proclaiming the whole “new year, new me” shtick, many of us continued to feel lost, misplaced and even dread when it comes to yet another year of hustling aimlessly for frivolous goals that barely matter to us. 

No fret, we are going to explore the power of manifestation and how it can help us achieve our hearts desire for the rest of the year. We know what you’re thinking: “This mambo jumbo isn’t real.” Truthfully, it isn’t magic but it does take an open mind for this to work and much easier than you think. 

What Is Manifestation? 

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Manifestation is the belief that our thoughts are energy and much like all energy in the universe, it can neither be created nor destroyed. This energy can only be converted towards something productive or wasted away. 

This is not a new age phenomenon. The law of attraction has existed since the 19th century with many theorists backing it since. Essentially, manifestation puts the individual in the driver’s seat of their own life. 

There have been many books written about this practice and while the world is typically split into two camps – believers and non-believers, manifestation is all about hope and focus. Hope that you will come into your own power and focus to act on the necessary changes that will lead you to that final goal. 

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Again, there is no magic, it is about holding yourself accountable for your own life through different techniques that work for you on a consistent basis.

The Process

Understanding Yourself

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Clarity is key and it will make or break your manifestation. Ask yourself what you would like to achieve and ask why you want it. For example, money, do you want it because you want to lead a stable life or do you want to use it to fill a sort of void? 

A negative outlook on your particular goal will set you up for failure, every goal should come from a place of positivity as that will keep you motivated to meet them. Finally, are you a visual, listening or writing learner? 


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Depending on what type of learner you are, create a board of your goals using that medium. Spend a few hours piecing a vision board with the help of pinterest, type out a list on your phone’s note app or simply record yourself saying the goals out loud. 

Take full ownership of this list – make it pretty with tons of colourful pictures, make it a tangible board in your room, write it in a special ornate notebook, and have a tape recorder on your desk. You do you because these manifestations are yours and come from the heart. 

Whenever you feel down or unmotivated, go back to this “board” to remind yourself where you are at and where you need to be.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Do not just list down your goals, add potential ways that you can take to reach them. Be as specific as possible and this will help you look at the final result from multiple angles, which will allow you to pick the best option.

This will help you track how far along you are as well and a means to keep you accountable. 

Be Grateful

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We tend to beat ourselves up for the tiniest setbacks but we seldom thank ourselves for pulling through any sort of hardship. This is the time to change, spend 20 minutes a day just going through the list of goals and actions and pat yourself on the back for taking the steps – no matter how big or small it may be. Encouragement is always welcomed and take this time to remind yourself of what you’ve learnt. 

Be Open

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Last but not least, keep an open mind. Plans change, life changes. No one person can predict every single outcome and that should not be a burden to carry. When a goal is no longer feasible, spend some time to regroup and shift your mindset away from it and set up another goal. 

Yes, it might be demoralising but what you have learnt will help you make better decisions moving forward. 

The Misconception

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Time. It is fickle and we often feel like we just do not have enough of it, hence we always want to press that fast forward button. But there isn't one because everything happens in due course. Manifestation cannot be rushed and shortcuts cannot be made, trust yourself and the process – the journey might surprise you with even more than you’ve asked for.

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