Smash Hit: 22,000 Sang Their Hearts Out At One Love Asia Festival Singapore 2022

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28 October 2022

Despite the rainy first night, the long-awaited One Love Asia Festival Singapore 2022 was a major hit. 

Over 22,000 music lovers from Singapore and the region descended upon the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza, singing their hearts out with their favourite mandopop idols. 

Photo Credit: @oaeen

This festival is a shining prelude to what we can expect from other music festivals as they make their way back to Singapore in a post-covid setting. 

Crowded mosh pits, happy hour drinks, delicious grub and a lot of partying. The sudden storm barely put a dent into the spirit of the audience who powered through the night. Of course, the thoughtful raincoats provided by the organisers also helped a ton. 

While interacting with the fans, Tanya Chua mentioned how she enjoyed the atmosphere even with the relentless weather before performing her classic songs that many knew and loved.

Photo Credit: @chua.tanya

This energy was also felt by Taiwanese indie band Oaeen who played their first show outside of their home country. Of course, other performers such as OSN also enjoyed hitting the bars of Singapore during his short visit.

Photo Credit: @osn.osn

Both Kelly Chen and Show Lo pulled out all the stops for their 40-minute sets, performing a medley of their greatest hits with exhilarating dancers in tow. The plaza might have been cold but they surely were on fire.

Photo Credi: @kellychenwailam

Day two had the same sparkle but minus the rain, which definitely spurred the crowd on even more to enjoy the remaining five acts. 

Stehanie Sun took the stage performing “Greatest Sensation” and her glee while performing the track was infectious. Fans cheered hard and beared LED signs to cheer her on, which touched her as this was the first large-scale performance that she has done in three years. 

Photo Credit: @stefsunyanzi

At one point, she even cried because she was overjoyed to be free and to see so many people gathered together.

The other acts surprised the crowd with their material such as Namewee’s first live performance of his song ‘Fragile’, which he did not think would be approved for the festival. The satirical tune references many political issues between China and Taiwan.

Photo Credit: @nameweephoto

Yoga Lin’s set was high-octane with rock influences and he even showcased his acting chops. He poured every ounce of emotion into the lyrics, gripping the mic tightly, grabbing his face and beating his chest, it was like watching a musical.

WeiBird also performed new tracks despite having two concerts earlier this year. One of which was a contemplative ballad while the other got fans bopping along to the beat.

Video Credit: @oneloveasiafestsg

One Love Asia Festival Singapore 2022 proves that music festivals aren’t just alive, they are thriving in a post-pandemic era that not only attracts Singaporean fans, but even those from China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

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