The Best Bites And Sips Of 2022: Restaurants, Cafés And Bars To Visit ASAP

It's feating time.
29 November 2022

Singapore is a land of foodies and we are proudly known for our high standards. Our picky palates have helped to cultivate interesting food combinations, viral snacks and a penchant for sniffing out the best dishes across the island. 

In this list, we highlight some of our favourite bites and drinks of 2022 that must be tasted at least once before the year is over and a new wave of cafés, restaurants and bars pop up in 2023.


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This restaurant needs no introduction. Anyone who has been keeping up with the Kardashians will know that this critically acclaimed Japanese-Peruvian restaurant is one of their favourite restaurants and for good reason. While the price tag scales towards the high-end, the symphony of fresh seafood and perfectly grilled beef cannot be beat. 

The restaurant housed within the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore serves à la carte lunch and dinner as well as omakase sets starting at $285 per person. Not forgetting the delectable array desserts such as the iconic bento box. 

Lola’s Cafe Holland Village

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We love celebrating an OG. The beloved Lola’s Cafe at Kovan supercharged the local café scene in the early 2010s and now they have opened their second outlet at Holland Village. But how do the two outlets differ? 

The Holland Village Lola’s serve exclusive pasta dishes such as the spicy crab rigatoni and mains such as the grilled Kurobuta pork collar, just to name a few. Needless to say, the vibes are still as immaculate as ever when it comes to brunch spots in town.


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Interactive dining experiences have caught on in Singapore and Absurdities should not be overlooked. The details of the restaurant are shrouded in mystery – diners will only be alerted of the location 24 hours before the reservation. 

What do we know? It is a six-course omakase-style meal with two alcoholic beverages. The dress code is set for comfort as the activities might call for physical exertion such as crawling or climbing. Everything else is a secret.

Swish Rolls

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Now, we have to acknowledge some of the most viral snacks on social media, starting with swish rolls. This little creation is the hybrid between a buttery croissant and swiss rolls. It can come in two flavour profiles – sweet or savoury – with different cream fillings and toppings. We can see why people are obsessed with this, the buttery goodness and the decadent fillings are heaven.

Charcuterie Board

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Let’s be honest, we all want to live our bougie fantasy and cheese platters are a little treat to fulfil that. While there are many online stores with grazing boxes, Lush Platters is one of the best. It offers made-to-order spreads with an assortment of hard and soft cheeses, jams, fruits, meat cuts along with decorations such as herbs and flowers. Perfect for a holiday party this Christmas season.

Smile Dessert

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Desserts are best served with a side of whimsy. Smile Dessert’s locations are decked out with tons of playful decor such as its famous ball pit. It specialises in Asian desserts from traditional dishes such as mango sago to Korean bingsu and Japanese crepe cakes. The best part? The three-storey Bugis and Funan Mall outlets are open all night long to satisfy supper pangs.

Strong Zero

Pre-canned drinks have fast become a Gen Z staple before hitting the clubs. Strong Zero definitely leads the charge with its array of flavours that are delicious yet potent enough to get you party-ready.

Now that we have entered the festive season, spontaneous gatherings are bound to happen, which is why we should stock up on these no muss, no fuss cocktails. Strong Zero has two limited edition flavours – red apple and green grape – that will help make this Christmas extra jolly.

Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco

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House of the Dragon fans can recite this iconic quote almost instantaneously. Actor Emma D’arcy who plays older Princess Rhaenyra in the new HBO GOT spin-off took social media by storm with her quirky response to her co-star Olivia Cooke who plays older Queen Alicent Hightower. 

Since then, this cocktail, which is smooth, easy to drink and widely available in any bar across the island, has boomed in popularity all over the world. Perhaps, much to the dismay of respected bartenders.


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Singaporeans love being cutting-edge – the thirst for something new, viral or elusive can get us going in a snap. Speakeasies are all of the above, combined into one hidden gem. Roxy is a 1970s New York Manhattan-inspired bar located behind Miss Fitz Kitchen and Bar with only 20 seats.

The walls are covered in rock and roll memorabilia and the vibe is nothing short of sultry and intimate. The drinks are crafted and named after iconic nightclubs and bands of that decade, which is a tell-tale sign of a wild night to be.

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